Wednesday, July 5, 2017

2017 Red Sox on the Fourth of July

As a good Red Sox fan, let's just say you were approached yesterday, the Fourth of July, by another fan who has been completely off the grid since spring training.  Maybe they were stranded on a tiny Pacific island or doing missionary work in the jungles of Africa.  Or perhaps this fan was completely and totally focused on the Celtics through the playoffs, ping pong balls, and the draft, and free agent opening days.  Whatever the reason this fan who has missed the entire 2017 season so far comes up to you and asks " Hey, how are the Red Sox doing so far? and you can very truthfully and factually tell him:

* Rick Porcello is 4-10 with an ERA of 5.01

* David Price did not even pitch until around Memorial Day, and he has had multiple public spats with the Boston media, leading everyone to believe Price is counting the days until he can leave.

* Eduardo Rodriguez is on the DL with a recurrence of his knee injury.

* After five mediocre starts, Stephen Wright will miss all the rest of 2017.

* Big time bullpen acquisition, Tyler Thornburg is injured and will not pitch a single inning in 2017.

* Last year's big time bullpen acquisition, Carson Smith, has not pitched yet in 2017 either.

*Hanley Ramirez either refuses or is too injured to play first base, and as full time DH is hitting .257.

*Dustin Pedroia sustained a knee injury early in the season, and while he is playing, the knee is balky.

* Xander Bogaerts has five home runs as of the Fourth.

* Brock Holt has had only fifteen at bats due ongoing severe vertigo issues.

* Third Base has been a black hole.  Injuries to Pablo Sandoval, Holt, Marco Hernandez ( out for the year),  and Josh Rutledge has led to the third base tandem of Deven Marrero and Tzu-Wei Lin.

* Yes I said Deven Marrero and Tzu-Wei Lin

* In the outfield rookie Andrew Benintedi has endured 0-23 and 1-26 slumps, Mookie Betts was moved back to leadoff in the batting order to try to jump start his season, and in late May JBJ was under .200.

* After having four All-Star starters last year, the 2017 Sox have no elected All Star starters.

As your friend drops to his knees, grabbing the sides of his head, a low mournful cry begins to escape his lips when you cut him off, offer him a hand, and say

" Oh yeah, also the Red Sox are in first place four games ahead of the AL East pack!""

Baseball is a strange game.

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