Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Red Sox Maineiacs MLB Predictions Contest

Are you and your buddies looking for a picks contest outside of March Madness brackets or NFL pools? Do you want an easy way to show your co-workers at the office that you know more about Major League Baseball than they do? Looking for a way to lose more money in made-up sports endeavors to go with your fantasy teams and Super Bowl squares? 

You’ve come to the right place! 2015 marks the fourth year of the Red Sox Maineiacs blog/website. Every year, all four of our founding fathers have posted our MLB Predictions. See the MLB Prediction tab above if you want to look through four years of predictions and witty jokes (well, jokes at least). 

But what is the good of making picks every year unless you come up with a way to track who is winning, right? Here is the points system I worked out to determine who has won each year of our picks contest, and our overall Picks Champion:

Regular Season Predictions:
For each MLB division:
1st place prediction correct = 5 points
2nd place = 4 points
3rd place = 3 points
4th place = 2 points
5th place = 1 point

**In 2012, when we started this picks contest, there were still six teams in the NL Central, and four in the AL West. For that season, the points awarded for correct order of finish went from 6 points-1 point and 4 points-1point in those divisions.

Award Predictions:
10 points for correct Rookie of the Year, MVP, Cy Young, and Manager of the Year

Postseason Predictions:
Correct Wildcard winner = 15 points
Division Series winner = 20 points
Championship Series winner = 50 points
World Series winner = 100 points

  • In three years, with four attempts at it per year, with four pretty knowledgable baseball fans giving it a shot, nobody has correctly predicted a World Series champion. In fact, in twelve tries the only time any of us has correctly predicted a World Series participant was when Art correctly predicted the Royals to be in the World Series in 2014 (which is pretty impressive!)
  • Shocking to no one who reads this blog, Art has a comfortable lead in the all-time standings, ahead of Barry by 95 points.
  • In 2012, Barry predicted that Bobby Valentine would be AL Manager of the Year. 
  • In 2014, Art predicted 13 of the 15 National League teams’ finishes exactly right. The only two he missed were Arizona and Colorado. Art had Arizona 4th and Colorado 5th. Arizona finished 5th and Colorado finished 4th. 
  • Art has correctly predicted at least one Championship Series participant every year.
  • Despite Art’s success, he is the only participant to not improve their overall score every year of the contest.
  • 2013 was the only year of the contest that none of the participants predicted the Red Sox would make it as far as the ALCS.
  • I’m going to take a close look at Art’s 2015 predictions, consult some betting lines on over/under win totals and division winner odds and see if I can make some hay.
So fire up a Google Sheet, gather up some friends, and start your own MLB Predictions Contest!


  1. Here's to another last place finish!

  2. What? What's that I smell...? It's the sweet smell of accountability! Good job Brandon!!