Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Red Sox Franchise Four

We've all had the discussion: who’s the best guy to ever wear the Red Sox uniform? Well, how about a slightly new one: who are the top four? This is one of the better water cooler discussion-starters I’ve heard in a while, so I thought it would make an interesting blog post.

I saw a tweet today for a promotion that MLB.com is running where fans vote for every team’s Franchise Four - the four greateast players in the team’s history.

Here’s the ballot from MLB.com for the Boston Red Sox. The only criteria given is this:”VOTE FOR THE TOP FOUR PLAYERS IN BOSTON RED SOX FRANCHISE HISTORY.” It’s up to you to decide what makes a “top” player. Is it statistics? Longevity? Championships? Fan Appeal? Dominance? You decide:

AVG: .272 HR: 385 RBI: 1384

AVG: .269 HR: 376 RBI: 1330

W: 219 ERA: 2.93 K: 3154

AVG: .284 HR: 470 RBI: 1541

Jim Rice | OF
AVG: .298 HR: 382 RBI: 1451

AVG: .344 HR: 521 RBI: 1839

AVG: .285 HR: 452 RBI: 1844

Cy Young | SP
W: 511 ERA: 2.63 K: 2803

Write-In Candidate

What a fascinating ballot! First off, I wonder who was charged with limiting the ballot to eight Red Sox players. Who would have been the 8th, 9th, and 10th if it was a 10-man ballot? Tris Speaker? Roger Clemens? Luis Tiant? Manny Ramirez?

Alright, so here is my Red Sox Franchise Four:
  1. Ted Williams
  2. Carl Yastrzemski
I think these two are the top two no-brainers. They have everything you would want as a “top” Red Sox player…except for rings.

3. Pedro Martinez
I still have not seen a baseball player be as much better than his contemporaries as Pedro was in the late 90’s and early 00’s with the Red Sox. Every time he took the mound if he didn’t flirt with a no-hitter it was a disappointment.

4. David Ortiz
I can hear arguments for Cy Young, Carlton Fisk, or maybe even Jim Rice. I could even entertain an argument for Tris Speaker over him. But then Papi could hold up his hand and show everybody his three rings. And his place on the Boston sports Rushmore with Brady, Bird, and Tim Thomas (just kidding). With Brady, Bird, and Orr. 

Who you got for your Red Sox Franchise Four?


  1. Here are my four: Ted Williams, Yaz, Big Papi and Pedro

    This four partly shows my age. I saw a lot of people mention Wade Boggs on twitter and a lot of support for Fisk. But I'd take Papi and Pedro over both those guys.

    1. I do not come from the same generation of Sox fandom as Brandon and Barry, but I did vote for the same four: Ted, Yaz, Papi, and Pedro. Ted and Yaz are givens, although I think a case could be made for Ortiz even over Yaz as second most important Sox player of all time. Being not only a member of but a hub of THREE World Champ teams carries a lot of weight for Ortiz, and Boston is his f@$&ing city.

      Pedro also is lock to me, there has not been anything close in the 50+ years of watching the Red Sox to the event each Pedro start was in his prime.

      5 to 10 for me would be Cy Young ( although less than 40% of his wins were with Boston), Jim Rice, Roger Clemens, Tris Speaker (edging out Dwight Evans ) and Wade Boggs( leaving Jimmie Foxx just out of the top ten, as well as Fisk.)