Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Brandon's 2015 MLB Predicitons

These are a day late, and I know next to nothing about the National League, but here for record keeping are my predictions for the 2015 MLB season:

AL East
  1. Boston - the new hitters mash, Pedey and Napoli have big bounce-back years, and there is just enough pitching to win the division.
  2. Baltimore - Buck once again squeezes everything he can out of his talent
  3. New York - A lot of risk with an old roster, but there is still a lot of talent here
  4. Toronto - The Jays start hot, but sputter out once again. John Gibbons is one of only MLB managers fired midseason.
  5. Tampa Bay - seems like a season from hell is in play at the Trop
AL Central
  1. Detroit - everybody loves the winter champion White Sox, last year’s playoff darling Royals, and Tito’s Tribe, but don’t forget about Dre….err, the Tigers. They can still mash.
  2. *Cleveland - Tito leads the Sons of the Wahoo back into the dance
  3. Kansas City - They might still be managed by Ned Yost, they might still have a punchless lineup, they might have lost James Shields…crap, that’s a lot of “might”s. 
  4. Chicago White Sox - this year’s version of the 2013 Blue Jays. A team that won the winter and looks great on paper. 
  5. Minnesota - the Twinkies are coming. Just not far enough in 2015. Watch out for 2016 though. Or 2017.
AL West
  1. LA Angels - That Trout guy got a taste of the playoffs last year. This year, he wants the whole banana split.
  2. **Seattle - The Mariners and King Felix fight off the Royals, Orioles, and A’s for the second wild card.
  3. Oakland - Hang in there all year but come up short. That Sonny guy is the best Sonny in sports since this one
  4. Texas - A lot of power hitting, a lot of terrible pitching.
  5. Houston - the ‘Stros continue to improve, but they’re not ready to really compete yet.
AL Playoffs
Wildcard Game - Seattle over Cleveland - Facing King Felix in a one-game playoff? Yeah, good luck, Tribe.

ALDS - LA Angels over Seattle 
Boston over Detroit

ALCS - LA Angels over Boston

AL MVP - Mike Trout
AL ROY - Rusney Castillo
AL Manager of the Year - Lloyd McClendon

NL East
  1. Washington - That starting rotation is ridiculous
  2. **Miami - great outfield, good pitching, and the Salty Dog
  3. NY Mets - better, but not good enough
  4. Atlanta - trying to be bad
  5. Philadelphia - once they move Hamels, Howard, and possibly Utley, they may be the worst team in….well, forever?
NL Central
  1. St. Louis - same s***, different year
  2. Chicago Cubs - the Cubbies battle in the race all year, but end up short
  3. Pittsburgh - two playoffs in a row ends in 2015
  4. Milwaukee - the Brew Crew still mash, but not enough pitching
  5. Cincinnati - the fire sale starts in late June and Bryan Price is the second manager fired midseason
NL West
  1. LA Dodgers - the pieces start to fit together
  2. **San Diego - is German for “a whale’s vagina”
  3. Colorado - somebody has to come in third in this division
  4. San Francisco - the NL’s version of a Season from Hell
  5. Arizona - Tony La Dementia
Wild Card Game - San Diego over Miami

NLDS - San Diego over LA Dodgers
Washington over St. Louis

NLCS - Washington over San Diego

NL Cy Young - Stephen Strasburg
NL Rookie of the Year - Jorge Soler
NL Manager of the Year - Matt Williams

World Series - LA Angels over Washington in 6 games. Mike Trout is the best player in baseball. One of these years, he’s going to carry his team on his back and win it all. The Sox make it back to the ALCS, but come up short in their quest to go worst, first, worst, first.

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