Monday, April 6, 2015

Barry's MLB Preview and Predictions: The 2015 Edition

AL East
Toronto-It just feels like their year to me
Baltimore*-If C. Davis and Machado bounce back they'll be better than last year
Boston-Starting Pitching will be better than people think, it's the bullpen that will do them in
Tampa-Kevin Cash might be their second or third best...hitter
New York-It just feels like their year to me

AL Central
Chicago White Sox-Their SP is better than people are talking about
Cleveland Indians**-They're in the wild card hunt
Kansas City-They got hot in the second half last year, lightning won't strike twice
Detroit-Their offense may score the most runs in the league, but it wont' be enough
Minnesota-They're better than people think, but they need one more year before they compete for a playoff spot

AL West
Seattle-They've been getting better every year and this is the year they make the playoffs
LA Angels-Mike Trout, Mike Trout, Mike Trout
Oakland-Will this Billy Beane reload compete right away?
Houston-They'll continue making strides this season
Texas-They're shitty

AL MVP- Mike Trout
AL Cy Young- Felix Hernanadez
AL ROY- Dalton Pompey (Just based on name)
AL Manager of the Year-John Gibbons

Wild Card Playoffs
Indians over Orioles

Divisional Playoffs
Mariners over Indians
Blue Jays over White Sox

Mariners over Blue Jays (in the Pat Gillick Bowl)

NL East
Washington-They're loaded; Can they live up to the expectations?
New York Mets*-Camp town races sing this song...Duda, Duda...
Florida-They'll be in playoff contention most of the year, but collapse down the stretch
Atlanta-Still have enough good young pitching to be competitive but their offense will let them down
Philadelphia- They're still shitty

NL Central
Pittsburgh- McCutchen for MVP and win a playoff series??
St. Louis-Always tough, this year will be no different.
Cincinnati-Look for them to start hot, like Milwaukee in '14, but fade down the stretch, like Milwaukee in '14
Chicago Cubs-Paper Champions. Not even Marty McFly thinks they can actually win the World Series
Milwaukee-They have a good lineup, but their pitching is not good enough in this tough division

NL West
Los Angeles Dodgers-They have talent and they seem to add a good young player every year: Joc
San Diego Padres**-They get the results that the Cubs want
San Francisco Giants-Surest bet in MLB: No back to back championships for the Giants
Arizona-Goldschmidt has MVP type season but it's not enough
Colorado-Too many injury question marks

NL Cy Young-Clayton Kershaw
NL ROY-Joc Pederson
NL Manager of the Year-Bud Black

Wild Card Playoffs
Padres over Mets
Divisional Playoffs
Dodgers over Padres
Washington over Pittsburgh

Washington over Pittsburgh

World Series
Washington over Seattle in 7 games.

Just like Cousin Jason, minimal thought and research when in to these predictions. But, I will definitely put an end to this Red Sox homer train. The Red Sox will be better than last year, but I don't see any playoff games in our future. I think a third place finish for the Sox is just me being polite, don't be surprised if they finish fourth or fifth again this year.


  1. Divisional Playoffs
    Dodgers over Padres
    Washington over Pittsburgh

    Washington over Pittsburgh

    ....something's going on here

    1. Yes it's called rushing. It should say Washington over LA Dodgers.