Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Red Sox Visit the White House, in Tweets

The Red Sox had a victory parade of sorts today, rolling through the streets of D.C. in a motorcade to visit the White House. The Red Sox ownership, coaches, and players (led by David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, Jonny Gomes, Mike Napoli, Koji Uehara, and others) toured the White House and had a photo op with President Obama, who spoke about the team’s unforgettable 2013 championship season - a championship season which featured a team and a city creating shared memories in the midst of tragedy.

Everybody who was on Twitter around 11 this morning saw their timeline explode with tweets about the Red Sox' visit and President Obama (Mr. President, it's pronounced NAP-o-lee), so it seemed appropriate to base this post on my favorite tweets.  

In addition, I challenge everyone who reads this to a caption contest.  I'll give my entry under each tweet and you leave yours in the comments section.  Best captions, judged by me, will go back in the post.

Gomes and Napoli picture w/ Clinton portrait:
What a perfect duo to pose in front of the portrait of Bill.  They look like they were caught in the middle of trying to come up with Monica Lewinsky's name and couldn't remember it. Hands in pockets, beards loud and proud, and hey did I mention that JACKET?!?! Go America! Hooray for turning Rocky's boxing shorts into a suit coat! USA! USA! USA!

Caption: "What was that chicks name? It started with an 'M' and it ended in a 'insky'..."

Speaking of the jacket:

Don Orsillo’s selfie w/ George Washington portrait:

Should I do a presidential face? A silly face? A contemplative face? A stubborn face?  What kind of face do you make when you get a once-in-lifetime-chance-at-the-white-house-in-front-of-the-father-of-our-country? How about I go with "taking a dump" face? Yeah, that's the one Don.

Caption: "Hmmm...I wonder how to take a 'selfie'"?

Big Papi selfie - Uehara, where u come from?

First off, Big Papi may have won the caption contest himself with "Uehara, where u come from?", but there is so much to talk about in this tweet.  Daniel Nava looks like a high-schooler on a class trip. Buchholz definitely left the hotel this morning without his wife's approval to wear those sunglasses. Mike Carp is looking good and loving life - who wouldn't after being traded from the woeful Mariners to the 2013 champs? David Ross wishes he had worn sunglasses; everybody else wishes he had worn a hat to cut down on the glare from his head. Will Middlebrooks is definitely getting style tips from Jenny Dell.  I am more excited to have two men back in my life (Koji and Big Papi) than I care to admit. And most importantly.....what is Edward Mujica doing being centrally-located for this picture? He was a hated Cardinal sitting in the opposing bullpen last October? He gets a nice front center spot for this photo op? Huh?

Caption: "Mujica, where you come from?"

Obama/Big Papi bro hug

"Man, I'm feeling nervous right now and there's Big Papi larger than life. Man, that guy is cool, he's doing a bro hug with the POTUS!"

Caption: "Papi, make sure Gomes doesn't rip that jacket off, go nuts, and hurt somebody"

Big Papi and Obama Selfie

Ok, seriously: could you imagine having the stones to basically demand that the leader of the free world take a selfie with you? Is Papi now officially the coolest human being alive? Could you imagine Joe DiMaggio asking Harry Truman for a selfie? Did John Farrell lean slightly to the right to get just right in the middle of the two of them? Does Carp have Ryan Gosling's stylist? Is that a Colombian drug lord in the back row or Doubie? Is JBJr 15 years old? Again, what is Mujica doing in this picture?  I have a hundred questions about this photo/tweet/selfie. It could be its own post.

Caption: "Ok, scratch 'selfie with the POTUS' off my bucket list. Next up, cat-daddying with Kate Upton!"


  1. "What was that chicks name? It started with an 'M' and it ended in a 'insky'..."

    I love that freakin' jacket!

  2. Victorino wasn't at the White House today. He was the only Sox player not there. Apparently he was sick.

  3. Update: Someone gave Don Orsillo some Pepto Bismol and he's no longer constipated.