Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2014 MLB Predictions

I know it's tradition to let the Deacon post his predictions first and then the rest of us follow suit, but since the Deacon has been carrying all of us on his shoulders all offseason I thought I would jump back into the fray.  Here it goes. This year my picks are going to be 100% correct. Just call it a hunch.

AL East
1. Tampa Bay- They’re gunning for the Red Sox this year and they have the ammo.
2. Baltimore*- Also gunning for the Red Sox, bounce back year for them.
3. Boston**- More of an uphill battle this year, but still a playoff team
4. New York- Their Bullpen is the biggest weakness, many to choose from though
5. Toronto- Gibbons gets fired…again

AL Central
1. Detroit- The pitching is still great and their infield defense is more balanced now
2. Kansas City- They may take the next step (or they may not)
3. Cleveland- The best of the rest in this division
4. Chicago (AL)- Good pieces for the future they may get good faster than expected
5. Minnesota- Won’t play a home game above 28 degrees until early June

AL West
1. Oakland- I still don’t know how they’re doing it…but I’m done doubting them
2. Texas- Injuries are taking their toll, but they have a strong farm system
3. Seattle- Cano will put up Beltre like numbers in Safeco…
4. Los Angeles (AL)- Hamilton and Pujols will be better than expected but the pitching will not be.
5. Houston- Still 1-2 years away from being competitive. Let the George Springer countdown begin

AL MVP- Mike Trout
AL CY Young- Yu Darvish
AL Manager of the Year-Bob Melvin
AL Rookie of the Year- Xander Bogaerts
AL Keeper League RSM Champion- XanderBradleyJr’s

NL East
1. Washington- Expectations are low, perhaps that’s what they needed
2. Atlanta**- Pitching injuries are too much for them to win division, but enough talent left to make playoffs
3. Miami- Young pitching matures enough to get them around .500
4. Philadelphia- Lots of old talent in a young players game
5. New York Mets- Still a year or two away from being competitive

NL Central
1. St. Louis- Young talent wins out in what may be the 2nd toughest division in MLB
2. Pittsburgh*- Start a new streak by making the playoffs 2 years in a row
3. Cincinnati- This team seems to have missed their window to go to the World Series
4. Chicago (NL)-Young talent starts to break in, but this team won’t make a big jump until next year
5. Milwaukee- This team stinks more than Ryan Braun’s alibi

NL West
1. Los Angeles – Pitching talent leads them to division title
2. San Francisco- Bounce back season for them
3. Arizona- They’re gonna take a dip…in the standings not the pool (or is it the other way around?)
4. Colorado- Mile High has a whole new meaning. All you can eat Doritos in the clubhouse
5. San Diego- They’re not very good.

NL MVP- Paul Goldschmidt
NL CY Young- Clayton Kershaw
NL Manager of the Year- Don Mattingly
NL Rookie of the Year- Oscar Taveras

*Wild Card Winner
**2nd Wild Card Winner

Wild Card Play-in:
Red Sox over Orioles
Pittsburgh over Atlanta

Division Round:
Red Sox over A’s
Rays over Tigers

Pirates over Dodgers
Cardinals over Nationals

Championship Round:
Rays over Red Sox
Pirates over Cardinals

World Series:
Rays over Pirates


  1. Point Barry for the Mile High joke.

  2. Speaking of Doritos and other food favorites, it looks like the first Fenway Frank and a beer at the home opener at Fenway for Barry will be on me. Congrats to Brandon Workman for making the Opening Day roster in the Boston bullpen. Pass the mustard.

    1. My gut is going to be well rewarded for that feeling it had about Brandon Workman making the opening day roster.

  3. Just read this post again and noticed the "AL Keeper League Fantasy Champion" snuck in there. Easy fella. Try to improve on your fifth place finish first.