Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Red SoxFree Agent Departures ( and All Hell) Breaks Loose

On Tuesday evening multiple confirmed reports are that free agent Jacoby Ellsbury has signed a seven year 153 million dollar deal with....you guessed it ...the New York Yankees.  A few quick initial thoughts.

* Nearly every Red Sox fan was accepting of the idea Ellsbury was going to the highest bidder.  But, about 50-70 % of that group just wanted him not to go to one team, the Yankees.  But really hasn't it been obvious for years now that someday Jacoby and Scott Boras were gonna take the high bid and isn't the highest bidder more often than not the Yankees.

* Does this mean New York is turning its back on Robinson Cano?  Personally,  I only thought the Yanks would grab Ellsbury if Cano some how slipped through their fingers.  Nearly every report out there tonight is claiming the Yanks still plan on signing Cano, but they have been offering him about the exact deal Ellsbury got. Will this piss off Cano further, enough to make him go?  I think he stays with the Yankees.

* All of this talk about the Yankees keeping themselves under the 189M luxury tax limit, and they will spend accordingly is, was , and forever will be BULLSHIT.

* I have bad news for the Yankee fans, even with Ellsbury and assuming Cano, the entire rest of your lineup ranges from mediocrity ( McCann, Teixeria , Gardner, Soriano) to outright suckitude.  This suckitude includes the #2 Memorial Statue, wherever he plays shortstop( hahahahaha), DH, or maybe first base when Teixeira breaks down again( or if his career arc continues straight down).  And by the way, who is your closer, and your rotation after a declining CC and maybe Nova.  Keep shopping, George, jr's.

* April 22 is the first Yankee 2014 visit to Fenway.  This time Sox fans let's not eff it up.  Let's not repeat the sin committed against Johnny Damon.  Give Jacoby a huge ovation the first time he steps to the plate at Fenway.  He was part of TWO World Series Championship teams for the Red Sox.  Do not boo him, just cheer like hell after every out he makes. ( By the way, Ellsbury will need a lot of luck to ever win two more WS titles.)  And by the way Yankee fans Johnny Damon will no longer have the worst throwing arm in Yankee center field history.

* I hope, and I think it will not change Ben Cherington's off season plan.  Personally I hope it includes Jackie Bradley Jr. in center field come Opening Day.  I have thought all the long one more power bat probably an outfield bat is in Ben's playbook.  Well may find out soon with the Winter Meetings next week.

* Now nearly totally overshadowed by Ellsbury is the fact Jarrod Saltalamacchia is gone as well.  He has not signed anywhere yet.  Reportedly he is nearing a 3 year 24 M deal with his hometown Marlins. But the Sox have moved on and signed AJ Pierzynski to platoon with David Ross.  This probably deserves a post of its own, but just let me say, this would not have been my first choice at catcher.  But I do wholeheartedly endorse the idea of not blocking the path of Christian Vazquez and Blake Swihart. But with both Ellsbury and Salty gone, the Sox really need to sign Mike Napoli or get some power into the lineup somewhere.  No more Salty Dog Blues in the RSM live chats!!?


  1. The Hot Stove is ON FIRE...The Mariners have reportedly signed Robinson Cano for 10 years and 240 million. Now there are rumors that the Mariners next move is to try and trade for David Price.

    Also, the Red Sox sign Edward Mujica. Now that the Yankees won't be spending money on Cano they'll be in on everybody else, which will effect the Red Sox. The Yankees could drive up the price and years on people that the Red Sox are hoping will slide back to them. We shall see.

  2. Napoli, his beard and possibly his shirt will be returning to Boston next season reportedly signing for 2 years and 32 million. He supposedly left more lucrative offers on the table, but it seems like a fair deal. He'll be making more over his 3 years in Boston than he would have in his original 3 year 39 million dollar deal.

    The Yankees also used some of their money saved by not signing Cano to sign Carlos Beltran to a 3 year deal. I don't think that the Red Sox were ever really serious about signing Beltran since he was attached to a draft pick. Unless they had lost out on all of their targets, Napoli included, and if they had received draft picks for Napoli, Ellsbury and Drew then they could go ahead and sign someone who would force them to lose their 1st round pick.