Monday, October 7, 2013

ALDS Game Three - Rays 5 Red Sox 4

The Red Sox let the nearly expired Rays off that mat in the fifth inning and again with two outs in the bottom of the ninth to lose 5-4, and extend the series to Game Four tomorrow tonight at 8:30.

* One of my Maineiac cohorts tweeted after the Longoria game tying 3 run home run in the fifth that it was too early to pitch around Longoria.  Before Longoria came to the plate, while his game tying three run homer was landing, and after I felt and I still do that not only should Buchholz pitched around him, I think they should have intentionally walked him.  I do know the baseball " rules" say do not put the lead run at the plate, which a walk to Longoria does.  But Wil Myers who has looked completely lost at least since the Cleveland wild card game was next.  So Longoria is the only guy in the lineup you could reasonably expect to hit  a three run jack( I know some one else could but Longoria is the guy you do not let beat you) and I am more than willing to take my chance right now with Myers.

* Beyond the fifth the Red Sox unlike the first two games never got a clutch hit to take advantage of a break or two ( like Quentin Berry being called safe on what looked like an unsuccessful steal attempt).

* Beyond the obvious sudden death loss, it was discouraging to see Uehara give up the game ending homer, it would have been nice to see him roll as deeply as possible into the postseason unscored upon. Especially disheartening to see the Rays back up catcher take him out after he had dispatched of the first two in his usual fashion ( including Longoria).

* Really need the veteran Jake Peavy to step up in his first playoff appearance in a number of years.

* Do not want too see this series come back to Fenway, Good Luck in Game Four, Red Sox.

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