Thursday, September 19, 2013

2013 Red Sox are Going to the Post Season!

Behind a masterful complete game two hitter by John Lackey, the Red Sox have clinched a post season spot.  This comes only one year after the worst debacle in Sox history.

 Later tonight the Sox could also clinch a tie for the AL East division crown.The Rays are losing to Texas 6-2 , a Tampa loss would reduce the magic number to 1, which would mean the best the Rays could do is tie Boston( which they will not do, by the way.)

A win at Fenway Friday night will clinch their 7th AL East title over the years.  Five of the previous six have been won at Fenway, and this year's crew will not go through the weekend without clinching.

The gutty, gritty bunch have not lost more than 3 in a row at any time this year. Since the infamous Dempster drilling A-Rod game on August 18th ( a game which the pundits warned would wake the Yanks) the Red Sox are 19-8, a .703 winning percentage.

Congratulations to the Sox and after the clinch the division( tomorrow night I believe), a real party can be had in Red Sox Nation.


  1. It's been a long drought for spoiled 21st century Red Sox fans. I've almost forgotten how much I love watching Red Sox play October baseball. Nobody knows what this offseason holds for the 2013 edition. So far September has raised expectations from happy to make the playoffs to an almost World Series or bust expectation from fans. Whatever happens in the playoffs is going to happen, but just being able to watch meaningful Red Sox games again is enough for this fan.

  2. Not only are they going to the playoffs but they're the 2013 AL East Champions!! Next up clinching the best record in the AL.