Friday, May 24, 2013

Red Sox Place Victorino and Middlebrooks on DL

Repeat after me, Alfredo Aceves was banished to Pawtucket weeks ago, and he is never returning to pitch for the Boston Red Sox again.  There is a better chance of Jose Iglesias starting at third base for the Red Sox that Alfredo ever gracing the Fenway pen again.

Wait, what? who?? when??? where???

Today after nagging injuries to both players, the Red Sox disabled both Shane Victorino and Will Middlebrooks with hamstring and lower back injuries.  Neither necessarily required the 15 days, but in an attempt to get both guys healthy and to get enough bodies on the roster, they have been DL'd.

To replace them the Red Sox recalled Alfredo Aceves, mostly because of the pounding the bullpen took last night. To replace Willie Middle, the Sox called up and installed as the starting third baseman none other than Jose Iglesias ( he of one professional game at third--earlier this week at Pawtucket.)

Aceves, it is suspected is here due to the crunch on the staff, and due to the fact he is on the 40 man roster ( plus Franklin Morales, who may be ready to help pitched 5 innings for the Sea Dogs just yesterday.)  In a day or so, the conventional wisdom is that Jackie Bradley will be up to replace Victorino for the duration of the DL stint.

In addition the Sox activated David Ross from the concussion DL and sent Ryan Lavarnway back to AAA.  Based on the lack of playing time, even against some left handed starters this past week or so, it seems to me the current Sox brass is becoming less and less enamored with Lavaarnway.

If it ever stops raining Iglesias is in the lineup tonight batting ninth and playing third.  If Iglesias gets two weeks of so of at bats while Middlebrooks is out, and he hits with any competency the put Jose at shortstop cry may begin anew.

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