Monday, April 1, 2013

Cousin Jason's Baseball Bracket Round 3

The NCAA Tourney is headed to the Final Four and like many my bracket has gone bust, so everyone onto the Wichita State bandwagon.

Now to more important things, namely the RSM March Madness Baseball Bracket.  Some contention from Brandon, with the 1st Round winners, perhaps he'll be happier with this round of winners.

Let's start in the Baseball Stats region or shall we call it the land of the upset as the #6, 12, and 15 seeds all advance to our Sweet Sixteen. #6 Wins Above Replacement (WAR) with a blow for Sabermetrics by taking down #3 Stolen Bases. WAR will take on #15 On Base Percentage, which took down #7 WHIP. #12 Quality Start takes down #4 Wins to face the top seed OPS in the next round.

The Stats region will face off with the Baseball Records region in the Final Four, so we will look at that region's Sweet Sixteen participants next. In the Records, we see our first #1 seed go down as #8 Ted Williams' .406 in 1941 (Last .400 season) takes down Joltin' Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hit streak also from 1941. This will be the upset that will bring the wrath of RSM Nation but hey I cannot take a Yankee over a Red Sox. Teddy Ballgame is joined in the Sweet Sixteen by #2 Cal Ripken's 2,632 consecutive game streak, #4 Cy Young's 511 career wins, and #6 Chief Wilson's 36 triples in 1912 (of course if Chief had played in 2003 he probably would have only had 6 triples and 30 more HR's).

On the other side of the bracket, Baseball Books and Movies will face off in the Final Four. Let's start with the Books region. Here we see the top seeds all advance although the top two seeds both faced strong challenges from #9 Big Hair and Plastic Grass and #7 Summer of '49. In round 3 we have #1 The Curse of the Bambino vs. #4 Now I Can Die in Peace, an All-Sox affair, and #2 Moneyball vs. #3 Ball Four.

In the Baseball Movies Region, round 2 gave us 4 great contests. In the end, however the top seeds all advanced with the exception of #4 The Natural which was taken down by #5 The Bad News Bears (The Walter Mathau version, Billy Bob Thornton is terrible). In the Sweet Sixteen, we have #1 Major League vs. Buttermaker and the Kids along with #2 Bull Durham, who was taken to the brink by Angels in the Outfield, vs. #3 Field of Dreams.

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