Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cousin Jason's Baseball Bracket Finale

First, let me admit that this little project was rushed and thrown together at the last minute heading into the NCAA Tourney. We'll do better next year. Since the NCAA Tourney is over and the voting seems to be solely the Maineiacs and a few others, we are going to DVR the Bracket and hit the fast forward button. So this is the final post for the 2013 RSM March Madness.

Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight
In the Baseball Stats region, we had the top seed OPS taking down #12 Quality Starts in the Sweet Sixteen and Cinderella #15 On Base Pct. taking down #6 WAR to create the all on base regional final. In said final, #1 OPS routs the underdog to reach the Final Four, because hey On Base Pct. is nice but it is better when you add Slugging Pct.

In the Baseball Records region, two quality Sweet Sixteen match-ups with #4 Cy Young's 511 career Wins taking down #8 Ted Williams' .406 in 1941. No one will ever come close to Young's career wins while someone will probably one year hit over .400 again. In the other match-up, #2 Cal Ripken's 2,632 consecutive games streak tops #6 Chief Wilson's impressive 36 triples in 1912. In the regional final, Cy Young takes down Cal Ripken to reach the Final Four. Hey, the guy has a major award named for him.

In the Baseball Books region, two more quality match-ups in the Sweet Sixteen. In the All-Sox related match-up of #1 The Curse of the Bambino and #4 Now I Can Die in Peace, we have another #1 going down as Bill Simmons (a favorite of several Maineiacs) taking down Dan Shaughnessy. On the other side we have #3 Ball Four upsetting #2 Moneyball. In the regional final, #3 Ball Four gets it done and advances to Annie and Chester's driveway in beautiful Hermon, Maine for the Final Four.

In the Baseball Movies region, more quality as the magic for #5 The Bad News Bears runs out vs. #1 Major League. Apparently, Billy Bob Thornton stood in as Buttermaker. In the other contest, #2 Bull Durham outlasts #3 Field of Dreams, thanks largely to a motivational mound meeting.

In the regional final, the only #1 to advance to the driveway, Major League squeezes out the victory.

Final Four
In our first Final Four match-up, we have Baseball Stats Champion OPS taking on Baseball Records Champion Cy Young's 511 career wins. Stats are great, but accumulating them are better, so Cy Young takes down OPS to play for the title.

In our second Final Four match-up, we have Baseball Books Champion Ball Four taking on Baseball Movies Champion Major League. Without books there would be no movies, however it is the digital age so Major League advances to the finale.

Championship Game
In the Final, we have real-life baseball vs. fictional baseball. Since only perhaps the Deacon actually saw Cy Young play but, all of the Maineiacs have seen Major League. Our first champion is the fictional Indians and their skipper Lou Brown.
Thanks to all the voted and followed along with this endeavor. Go Sox!


  1. Fantastic job. You really can't argue with Major League taking home the grand prize. Three things I've learned here:

    1. I need to locate a copy of Bull Durham and watch it pronto. Full disclosure: I've never seen the entire movie. I know, I know. I was five when it came out, ok?
    2. I need to locate a copy of Ball Four (actually I might have a copy I "borrowed" from the Deacon long ago on my shelves) and re-read that beauty as well.
    3. I need to adopt some Lou Brownisms while coaching my middle school baseball team: "don't give me this ole! bulls***".

    Good times.

    1. You also should watch Field of Dreams if you haven't seen that already. It's more than just a baseball movie. It is a great story about America, fathers, sons and baseball. I personally like it better than Bull Durham but you can't go wrong with either one.

    2. I've seen Field of Dreams many times. For whatever reason, Field of Dreams is shown on cable a lot, while Bull Durham never is (that I've seen anyway). Field of Dreams is excellent, too. Wasn't Major League, Bull Durham, and Field of Dreams all released within a year or two of each other? And more importantly, why are there no good sports movies anymore?

    3. I have high hopes for 42, although calling it sports movie might be a reach. I am hoping to catch it this weekend or next.

      And, no I did not see Cy Young, but I am too damn old to be diving into lockers.

    4. Nice...subtle Major League reference

  2. Art, your comment "calling it a sports movie might be a reach" is exactly why there aren't any good sports movies made anymore. No Hollywood studio will make a sports movie that is about sports, or about guys busting balls in a locker room, or even a grittiness-overcomes-talent underdog story. They all need to have an overcoming-racism story (Remember the Titans, 42), or a central love story (Fever Pitch) , or a child-reconnects-with-distant-father story (Trouble with the Curve).

    I'm getting angry just typing this. Maybe I should type the next great American sports movie script instead, except no studio would ever green light it.

  3. Brandon I do not disagree with you at all, however there are folks out there who would believe that our brackets winner, Major League was a central love story between Rene Russo and Tom Berenguer. To that I would say F&@^ you, Joboo, but it is true on some level.