Monday, April 1, 2013

Barry's 2013 Baseball Predictions

Check out Brandon and I on the latest redsoxmaineiacs podcasts for a full breakdown of the AL east.  Here are my predictions for the 2013 mlb season which got under way last night.  Opening day is right up there with first day of school/last day of school, Christmas, Super Bowl and Game 7's as far as anticipation goes. I can't wait for the Red Sox to get started at 1pm today.

AL East
Tampa Bay- They still have enough pitching, Evan Longoria and the best manager in the division.
*Baltimore- Last year was not a fluke and they'll prove it this year
Boston- They'll be fun to root for again and compete for a playoff spot all year
Toronto- Paper Champions
New York- Are they too old? IDK but they are not healthy enough

AL Central
Detroit- Return of VMart will give them a boost
#Cleveland- Tito Francona will give them a boost and they can dance
Kansas City-Their improved pitching will keep them in contention all year
Chicago- The rest of the division improved and they didn't so they'll fall in the standings
Minnesota- Vance Worley is their ACE...'nuf said

AL West
Angels- Pujols is more comfortable and productive and he has more protection in lineup
Seattle- They are improved and the rest of the division is not as strong as they appear...
Texas- If they stink are they still gonna do the stupid hand signals when they reach base??
Oakland- Regression to the mean season for the Athletics players and team
Houston- Lots of players from the California Penal League

AL MVP- Evan Longoria
Cy Young- Justin Verlander
Manager of the Year-Buck Showalter
ROY- Jurickson Profar

Baltimore over Cleveland- Wild Card Round

Divisional Round
Angels over Baltimore
Detroit over Tampa Bay

Angels over Detroit in 7

NL East
Washington Nationals- Harper and Strasburg begin a long run of success in the nation's capital
#Philadelphia Phillies- Halladay is toast, but Hamels and Lee lead a revival
Atlanta Braves- Hard to win when you can't put the ball in play. What's the record for K's by a team?
New York- Still not very good and it takes a while to rebuild
Miami- Will they lose more than Houston?? The race is on!!!

NL Central
Cincinnati- The most well balanced team in the division
*Pittsburgh- They've been building towards this for two years..this is the year they make the postseason
Milwaukee- Decent pitching, decent lineup...not good enough to make the playoffs
Chicago- In a bit of an upset they won't finish last
St. Louis- They're due for a bad season...that's all I got

NL West
Los Angeles- Clayton Kershaw has a monster season
San Francisco- It's hard to repeat. They'll get hit with the injury bug this year
Arizona- Lost J. Upton but have a solid pitching staff
Colorado- Perhaps the best lineup in the division, but their pitching is mile high
San Diego- They still have a baseball team??

NL MVP- Joey Votto
Cy Young- Clayton Kershaw
Manager of the Year- Clint Hurdle
ROY- Bryce me pull a rabbit out of my hat...Travis D'Arnaud

Wild Card Round
Pittsburgh over Philadelphia in an in state rivalry game

Divisional Round
Washington over Pittsburgh
Cincinnati over Los Angeles

Cincinnati over Washington

World Series
Angels over Cincinnati in 6 games

There you have it...the most guaranteed expert predictions (total guesses) of 2013.  Shall we back the brinks truck up to the Casino??


  1. Here are my predictions (and yes, I'm anal enough to make sure the wins and losses equaled out):

    AL East
    Tampa Bay 92-70
    Yankees 88-74
    Toronto 81-81
    Baltimore 79-83
    Boston 75-87

    AL Central
    Detroit 96-66
    Kansas City 85-77
    Chicago 80-82
    Cleveland 77-85
    Minnesota 66-96

    AL West
    Oakland 91-71
    Angels 90-72
    Texas 82-80
    Seattle 75-87
    Houston 54-108

    NL East
    Washington 96-66
    Atlanta 90-72
    Mets 80-82
    Phillies 74-88
    Miami 64-98

    NL Central
    Cincinnati 91-71
    St. Louis 86-76
    Pittsburgh 84-78
    Milwaukee 73-89
    Chicago 66-96

    NL West
    San Fran 94-68
    Los Angeles 88-74
    Arizona 87-75
    Colorado 76-86
    San Diego 70-92

    1. Wow...going so far as to add records. That's impressive! In an upset you only have the Astros down for 108 losses.