Sunday, March 24, 2013

Roster Becoming More Clear

With a week of spring training left the Red Sox roster is becoming more and more clear by the day, but there are still decisions to be made.  Let's take a look at the latest roster update, we'll start with the pitching.

Jon Lester
Clay Buchholz
Ryan Dempster
Felix Doubront
John Lackey

Joel Hanrahan
Andrew Bailey
Andrew Miller
Koji Uehara
Junichi Tazawa
Alfredo Aceves
Clayton Mortensen
*Bard has pitched his way out of the bullpen in his last two appearrances

Catcher (2)
Jarrod Saltalammacchia
David Ross

First Base (2)
Mike Napoli
Daniel Nava

Second Base (1)
Dustin Pedroia

Shortstop (1)
Jose Iglesias (Drew starts on DL)

Third Base (1)
Will Middlebrooks

Utility (1)
Pedro Ciriaco (He should be healthy and may play today)
Brock Holt (If Ciriaco starts on DL)

Outfield (3)
Jonny Gomes
Jacoby Ellsbury
Shane Victorino

25th Man (3)
This seems like a 3 man race, although it's really probably a two man race. My bet is that JBJr will open the year in AAA.
Mike Carp
Ryan Sweeney
Jackie Bradley Jr
If Sweeney or JBJr make the team they will have to cut Carp to make room on the 40 man roster.  I'm putting my money on Carp.  Nava can back up LF and RF and Victorino can back up CF if needed, so I don't think Sweeney will make the team.

Thoughts? Leave them in the comments section...


  1. OK so I can't do math. Obviously there are two spots open until Big Papi comes back off the DL. The 40 man roster will certainly impact that decision. Will JBJ make the team??

  2. I have thought all spring that Nava and Carp are in competition for one spot. What they offer are too similar to keep both in the long run. Nava has won this battle, but Carp may get a temporary reprieve while Ortiz is on the DL. I also think it is in the realm of possibility that Mauro Gomez sticks as temp Ortiz replacement instead of Carp.

    Even though Victorino can back up CF when not playing RF, the Sox need another outfielder who can handle RF at Fenway better than Nava could. That would be Sweeney or Bradley. Either would have to added to the 40 man roster, but that can be accomplished by removing Alex Hassan or the loser of the Carp/Gomez decision. I know all the clock and AAA seasoning reasons, and have gone back and forth all spring. But while Papi is on the DL I would keep JBJr, start him in LF and stick Gomes at DH.

    So that means I would give the last 2 spots to Carp and Bradley.

    Also, I agree that Bard starts the year off the roster, although I think it may in extended spring rather thqn AAA.

    1. I think Carp and Nava will both make the team while Big Papi is out. The reason being that Nava can play RF and Carp could also play RF in a pinch. That still leaves one spot. It could come down to JBJr vs. Ryan Sweeney with Alex Hassan getting booted off the 40 man roster (Oakland will pick him up if he is designated). Or it could go to Ryan Lavarnway or Mauro Gomez. John Farrell has been on record a couple of times saying that they probably won't keep 3 catchers, but it is possible. Gomez is more likely.

      With fear of sounding like a broken record I don't think Ryan Sweeney is going to make the team. I'm basing that off of things that John Farrell has said in the media. I also think that Nava could back up RF for 1 or 2 days while JBJr jumps on a plane from Pawtucket. Now if JBJr is on the team (you think his 4 rbi's off of Cliff Lee is going to help?) all this is for not.

      I think Carp and JBJr get the final two spots. Alex Hassan gets designated and several guys get a month or so to prove their worth while Big Papi rehabs.

  3. Another thing that could shake up the prediction of the Opening Day roster would be a last week of camp trade. But there has been no hint of any action from the Red Sox. Outside shot candidates for an unexpected deal could be Salty or Andrew Bailey. Any 1% chance of dealing Ellsbury at this time has ended with his tweaking of his heel today.

  4. I'm watching the game on tape delay today, but I just watched Andrew Bailey's inning and he is starting to come on strong. Even though he had to throw a few extra pitches because of some missed popups due to high winds. Bailey looked very impressive. Which could open the door for a trade or just mean that the Sox could have a good set up man on their hands.

  5. On a side it too late to write in Jamie Erdahl for our fantasy baseball league trophy??? Consider this my write in vote.

    1. Anyone who has access to Twitter needs to check the accounts of either Jenny Dell, Jess Moran, or Jen Royle to se the picture of the three of them out on the town for Jess Moran's birthday. It is worth the price of admission.

    2. I'll accept your write-in vote for Erdahl, although my intent was to limit it to NESN beauties who covered the Red Sox beat. After careful examination of the photos Art mentions on Twitter, I am pleased even further that Jenny Dell is leading our poll to be our trophy girl, as she is clearly the hottest NESN beauty of all time.

    3. Erdahl has been covering the sidelines a little bit during spring training. Maybe she's going to split time with Dell.

  6. I read an interview with Benny C the other day that left the door open for JBJr to start the year in the majors. He said something along the lines of, "we have a responsibility to ask ourselves what our best team is". Clearly, Boston's best team includes JBJr.

    The fact that he has been playing LF lately, while continuing to rake, says to me that the team is leaning towards having Bradley be the everyday LF with Gomes at DH while Big Papi is out. They can still set back Bradley's FA clock if he spends 20 days in the minors at any point, collectively, throughout 2013. I am fired up for JBJr to start the year in Boston and see what he can do. It sure beats the hell out of seeing Daniel Nava or Mike Carp in the lineup everyday. And especially Sweeney.

    Watching Middlebrooks, Bradley Jr, and Iglesias get everyday playing time early in the season will be fun to watch!

  7. Ryan Sweeney's been told he's not going to make the team. Mike Carp has been told he is on the team. Daniel Nava seems to be a lock and that means that the last spot on the team goes to Jackie Bradley Jr. The corresponding 40 man roster move should be interesting. It will probably be Alex Hassan who gets dropped off the 40 man.