Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cousin Jason's Baseball Bracket Round 2

One weekend down in the NCAA Tournament and surprises abound along with plenty of Maine connections in the Sweet Sixteen. Former Black Bear coach Dr. John Gianinni and his La Salle Explorers take on Wichita State and #15 seed Florida Gulf Coast, who Maine beat in December at the Alfond, has beaten Georgetown and San Diego State.

As promised here is the second round of the RSM March Madness Baseball Bracket.  Let's start with our Baseball Movie region, mostly this bracket went chalk with only the #10 seed Angels in the Outfield based mostly on the glowing recommendation of Matt DiFilippo's recommendation gaining the upset. Only two other contests were close with the #6 seed Eight Men Out besting #11 Fever Pitch, which despite it's Sox connection is based on a soccer book and the Maineiacs are football American style fans. The other close one was the #5 seed Bad News Bears being taken to the brink by #12 Rookie of the Year before Buttermaker and the kids pulled out the win.
The other winners were #1 Major League, #2 Bull Durham, #3 Field of Dreams, #4 The Natural (although #13 The Sandlot put up a good fight alas "You're killing me, Smalls!"), and #8 Moneyball.

In our Baseball Stat region, we have some upsets as our equivalents to the aforementioned La Salle and FGCU come through. #12 seed Quality Start outdid #5 the Complete Game only to be showed up by the #15 seed On Base Pct. routing #2 Slugging Pct. The other winners were #1 OPS, #3 Stolen Base, #4 Wins, #6 WAR, #7 WHIP, and #8 Home Runs.

In our Baseball Book region, we have a first round that goes mostly chalk again with only the #9 seed Big Hair and Plastic Grass pulling off the mild upset over #8 The Art of Fielding. Our other close contest was between #4 seed Now I Can Die in Peace by Bill Simmons edging out #13 The Teammates by David Halberstam, in the end the euphoria of 2004 beat out Teddy Ballgame, Bobby Doerr, Johnny Pesky, and Dom DiMaggio.

In our Baseball Records region, we have our most competitive bracket as nearly every contest went down to the wire. This was also our wildest bracket with the #10 Orel Hershiser, #12 Hack Wilson, and #14 Rickey Henderson all pulling the upsets.

Be sure to vote below as we'll have a quick turn around with our Sweet Sixteen appearing the beginning of next week. Enjoy the games!

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  1. I don't know how the wins stat won its quarterfinal matchup, but it definitely should go no further. Here's how Jonah Keri describes wins, " the silly, team-dependent stat that causes managers to make loopy decisions when their starting pitcher's getting creamed in the fifth inning."

    I'm also bummed that there are no good movies left made after 1989. "Bad News Bears" is so ridiculously dated that I was hoping for the "Rookie of the Year" upset in the quarters. They drink beer in a little league dugout! He drinks beer while driving with kids in the car! It is so laughably against everything.

    Last note...if "Ball Four" doesn't win the book category, then I am going in and deleting all of these posts and replacing them with a gigantic .gif of me flipping you all the middle finger.

    Good day.

  2. Ball Four is not only a great, great book but it changed the way sports books are written but to some degree the way sportswriters cover their games.