Sunday, March 3, 2013

12 Ways to Tell That You Are a Red Sox Fan

Here is a brief diversion from our spring training coverage.  The signs of Red Sox fandom in some type of reverse, countdown order:

12. For evermore,  February 14th is referred to as Hearts and Flowers Day.

11. Letting the other teams take all the Yankee players in your fantasy baseball drafts.

10. Having in your CD collection/on your Ipod both the Bronson Arroyo AND Peter Gammons CD's.

 9. Filling an entire section of your bookcase (if not the entire bookcase) with Red Sox themed items.

 8. You own more than one article of clothing with a Red Sox logo. Hats, shirts, necktie, underwear, etc.

 7. In any March or April (or earlier) if you are asked to make any family or business commitment for mid to late October, decline.  That is Red Sox playoffs and World Series time.

 6. You have taken (or hope to take someday) a road trip to see all of the Red Sox minor league affiliates play in their home ballparks.

 5. Never, never, ever watch any Red Sox game on TV with the digital volume set at 13!

 4. Depending on your age (and despite of your age), you can perfectly mimic the batting stance and/or at bat routine of Yaz, Dewey, Nomar, or Big Papi.

 3. You hope that Fenway Park will last forever, until you are trying to squeeze your ass into a circa 1912 seat.

 2. If you are over the age of 18 (maybe 14 or 15, if you were raised properly) you remember where you were, who you were with, and what you felt on the night of October 27, 2004.

 1. You are a Red Sox fan because no matter what happens...curse reversing World Series titles, Grady Little, Bucky F. Dent, or 69 win care.


  1. Love this list! #11 made me chuckle because I watch every year as good Yankees players are taken with ridiculous value in my fantasy leagues, then the manager who took them are always razzed.

    #'s 1-4 are all good ones. I remember there was a lunar eclipse on the night of 10/27/04. How weird is that? I also remember that the bonfire at the campus of UMaine was a little less exciting (meaning there were no naked college men and women jumping through the fire) than the one we had after the Sox beat the Yanks in the ALCS.

    I could stand up and do Nomar's batting stance routine right now in the middle of study hall without thinking about it...but the sad part is that I doubt any of my students would know what I was doing. They would probably think I was having some sort of weird standing-up-seizure.

    1. I did a mean Dewey Evans in Farm League. In fact I remember hitting a ringing triple out of a Dewey Evans stance at the Asa Adams field.

  2. A few more to add to the list of ways to know you are a Red Sox fan:

    - You have a pet/child named after a Red Sox player (I wanted to name my dog Pedro, but she is a female dog. Should have done it anyway.)

    - You know the convoluted driving route in and out of Fenway Park, but you have no idea how to get to Quincy Market, the Freedom Trail, Boston Aquarium, or any of Boston's other cultural landmarks

    - You know all the Red Sox radio affiliates so you can catch games no matter where you're vacationing in the summer time.

    - You often sneak "off to the bathroom" at summer parties, get-togethers, and events...when you're really running out to your car to check the score of the game

    - You have had "a doctor's appointment" and had to miss school on Opening Day...or your father has got you dismissed from school to go to an Opening Day BBQ.

    - You have endured a week of a zombie-like state at work induced by the Sox being on a west coast trip

    This is fun. I could come up with these all day.

    1. By the way, I'm shocked that Barry or I did not end up named Jim (Rice), or Fred (Lynn), Carlton (Fisk), or Dwight (Evans). Carlton and Dwight Terrill would have been pretty catchy.

    2. I wanted to name my daughter Tom Brady Terrill. Does that count?

    3. Carlton and Dwight, hmmm. What is the statute of limitations on changing names??

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