Thursday, February 21, 2013

Red Sox Maineiacs Podcast: Over Unders!

The Red Sox Maineiacs Podcast is back with an episode of over/unders!  Barry and Brandon go through the following lines together in the podcast.  If you'd like to join in the conversation, tweet at us @redsoxmaineiacs, or leave an argument for an over/under or add new over/under lines in the comments section below:

AL East Win Totals
Baltimore 78.5
Boston 82.5
Tampa Bay 86.5
Toronto 86.5
NY Yankees 88.5

Individual Pitcher Win Totals
Jon Lester 13.5
Clay Buchholz 12
Ryan Dempster 11.5
Felix Doubront 11
John Lackey 9.5
Rubby De La Rosa 3
Franklin Morales 5
Alfredo Aceves 7

Individual Pitcher Save Totals
Joel Hanrahan 35
Andrew Bailey 14
Daniel Bard 5

Individual Batter Home Run Totals
David Ortiz 30
Mike Napoli 25
Will Middlebrooks 23
Jarrod Saltalamacchia 21
Dustin Pedroia 16
Jacoby Ellsbury 16


  1. *HEADLINE* Bobby Valentine invented College Athletics!!!

    That could be the only reason why a University would name him Athletic Director right? I wonder if he put that on his resume? I know one Sacred Heart alum who is probably not very happy with the hiring...

  2. i will chime in with a few over and under comments. If this team is to get in the 85-90 win range ( and I think they will), Lester and Buchholz had both better be overs. Over 15 each as a matter of fact. That is unless all the other starters are way overs. I predict that 2 of 3 from Lester, Buch, and John Lackey will be 5 or more over the lines given.

    Hanrahan will get about 40 saves, Bailey less than 14 , and now matter how successful Daniel Bard is there is no chance he sees a save situation, If Farrell and Co. get him back to a 7th/8th inning close down guy, they will not mess with him again to make him a closer, starter, or any other role. If the Sox need a closer other than Big Joel and Bailey it will be Tazawa.

    I think I would take the under on all of the home run totals, but just under in each case. Despite that prediction I think the offense scores a boatload of runs with Drew, Victorino, and Gomes also contributing. If I had to pick an over it would be either Middlebrooks or Ellsbury.

    As far as the AL East over/under the given numbers dovetail with a post I have been planning, so I will get on that right away and give my feelings about AL East win totals.