Tuesday, January 1, 2013

13 Red Sox Predictions for 2013

Happy New Year Red Sox fans! Here's to hoping that this year is much better than the last.  With the calendar turning to January it's not too soon to start thinking about late February and the start of pitchers and catchers workouts in Fort Myers.  The roster is close to being complete and it is certainly possible that they go into spring training with the roster as it is right now, assuming that Mike Napoli gets signed.  If he doesn't get signed then there could be another flurry of moves to fill the first base position.      With that being said even if the Napoli deal does get finished I'm sure that Ben Cherington and his staff will be on the lookout for any good value deals that surface for the Red Sox.

On the Napoli front...I don't for a second buy the "reports" that have other teams showing interests in Mike Napoli or the "reports" that the Red Sox have interests in Adam LaRoche.  The Red Sox will not sign Adam LaRoche.  I also don't buy any of the reports that will have us believe that the Red Sox are looking at Bobby Abreu as a possible first baseman.  They may be interested in Abreu, but not as a replacement for Napoli.  At 39 years old (at least) Abreu is no longer an every day player.  If they are unable to finish the Napoli deal than they will look to fill their 1B need through trade or through other spare parts on the free agent market, like Lance Berkman, if he can be convinced to come back for one more year.  With the promise of a starting job on a contending team and money of course, I think that Berkman could be convinced to avoid retirement and a job on the Rice University coaching staff.  Oddly enough, as more days go by the more likely I think it is that Napoli isn't going anywhere else but Boston.  My Prediction that it would be done by Christmas was wrong and New Year's Day has all but come and gone.  Now I'm certain that it will get finalized by...

Martin Luther King Jr. Day?!    Anyway on to the predictions...

  1. The 2013 Red Sox will NOT win the World Series 
  2. The Red Sox will finish the season as one of the hottest teams in MLB.  With all the new pieces it will take a while for this team to come together but when they finally do they will be very good.
  3. The Red Sox will win 91 games in the regular season thanks to a 20-7 run in September.
  4. Someone signed between now and the start of spring training will have a MAJOR impact on the team this season. 
  5. With expectations being lowered because of the last two years of performance, Jon Lester will remind all of us that he has the ability to be an ace. Put him down for 15+ victories and a sub 4.00 era (I know those aren't ace like numbers, but hey it's a start)
  6. John Lackey will stop talking to the media by Patriots Day
  7. John Farrell will not ban beer from the clubhouse
  8. This time next year we'll still be saying that the Yankees are old, which will be true just as it is now, the problem is that we expect them to be worse than the Red Sox because of their age while forgetting that they have CC Sabathia.  The Yankees will finish ahead of the Red Sox in the standings...  
  9. The Orioles and Blue Jays will not...
  10. The Red Sox will finished tied for the second wild card spot in the AL with the Cleveland Indians...
  11. John Farrell's Red Sox will beat Tito Francona's team in a one game playoff... 
  12. The Red Sox will then win the one game wild card playoff vs the Tampa Bay Rays...
  13. With a decimated pitching staff the Red Sox will lose to the Anaheim Angels in the ALDS.
Wow! Someone must still have a New Year's hang over.  Maybe it's wishful thinking, maybe it's too much champagne or maybe it's the offseason and everyone thinks there team is going to make the playoffs because they haven't played a game yet.  Either way here's to more of these in 2013...

Either way let us know what you think and make some of your own predictions for the 2013 Red Sox in the comments section. 


  1. Rather than come up with 13 solid predictions like Barry did, I will give my thoughts on his 13.

    1. For this first time in a decade or more, I would agree on not picking the Red Sox to win the World Series.

    2 & 3 If the Sox do finish with a blazing hot September, you can count on the whining about if we had only done this in 2011 to almost drown out the good feeling of the 2013 team. Almost.

    4. And that someone is very likely Mike Napoli, who will anchor the middle of their lineup with Papi.

    5. The worst prediction I made last year was the resurgence of Jon Lester, instead he regressed. I am out on the limb again this year, under Farrell, Jon will win at least 18 games with an ERA in the 3.60 range with an increase in K's to a 2010 level. If I bust badly on this bold prediction( or I should say if Lester bust badly) this will be Lester's last Bosox season.

    6 I do not know about Lackey's verbal commitment to the Boston beat writers by Pats Day, but he will have 12 to 14 wins on his ledger by Labor Day. Count on it.

    7 I agree no beer ban, but the new manager will kick the asses of anyone in the clubhouse with chicken grease stained hands drinking beer during a game!

    8 & 9 The Yankees ARE old and CC is one of the guys starting to look like he is wearing down ( with last year's arm issues, the first of his career). If CC goes down the Bombers are sunk. At this point part of the rubik's cube-like status of the whole AL East is why it is so difficult to slot the Sox or anyone else in this divsion. I could easily make a case for any of the five teams to finish first , last or anywhere in between.

    10, 11, 12, & 13 At this point in time I am not sure the Sox are a wild card team, but I would be surprised if they are not in the race until the end. I think ( and Barry's forecasts, especially 10-13 illustrate) this team will be a lot better than along of early pundits are picking. For three reasons: First and most importantly, the 2012 Red Sox were not as god awful as their final record which was warped by the complete crash of the last 6-7 weeks. Secondly, I think Ben Cherington has done a good job of adding complimentary pieces( at minimum) to go with a core of Pedey, Papi, Ellsbury, and Middlebrooks. And lastly one or perhaps several of the kids will play big role in the 2013 success by summertime on( I think this may have played a role inn Barry's call of a hot finish.) Brentz or Bradley will play in OF before '13 is over and at least one of de la Rosa, Webster, Barnes will help out on the mound. Not to mention a possible impact season from Lavarnway or Kalish.

    2013 is here and spring training must be right around the next frozen corner.

  2. I feel confident with a lot of my predictions but the one thing that I couldn't feel confident about was the order of finish in the AL east. You are right Deacon the best way to put it right now is that the division is wide open (which is a nice change of pace from the days when it was just Boston/NYY who had a chance to win the division).

  3. They will finish in 4th place, with a shot at 3rd tops, they dont have the pitching and their schedule (which no one bother to look at is brutal) will show their weaknesses.

    1. Boston will fight for last place with the old Yankees go for the draft boys!!!!

    2. What is this the NFL? haha As long as we finish ahead of the Yankees things will be better than last year!

    3. The Yankees took another hit today (pun was intentional) when Curtis Granderson got a broken forearm when he was hit by a pitch in his first at bat. The Blue Jays really are serious about winning the division this year. First they pull off two major trades and then they start injuring division rivals in spring training. Is this the year of the Blue Jay??!!