Monday, December 17, 2012

How Does Stephen Drew Affect the Sox Roster?

With today's signing of Stephen (don't call me J.D.) Drew the Red Sox offseason spending spree continues. Last week we took a look at the Sox roster and examined their few remaining needs, one of which was infield depth, we can cross that one off the list now that Drew has signed for one year and $9.25 million. Today we are going to take a look at the Red Sox roster and see who may make the 25 man out of spring training and who may end up being traded. The roster is listed by position with players that are likely to make the team, then in the comments section we can decide who goes to Pawtucket, who gets traded or released. We will assume all players are healthy for this offseason roster exercise (and hope it stays that way!)

  1. Mike Napoli (again, let's assume the deal gets finalized)
  2. Daniel Nava (don't be surprised to see him play some 1B in spring training)

We all know that injuries will take a toll on a few of these players which will make it possible to get to 25 by opening day. We also know that there will be a few surprises in spring training that we don't expect that will throw a wrinkle into things. Bryce Brentz is someone who I think could make the team ahead of schedule with a really strong spring training.

Here's how I'd get to 25: Lavarnway, de la Rosa, Kalish to Pawtucket; trade Aceves and put one relief pitcher on the DL (or send Bard to Pawtucket if he doesn't find his command)

What would you do?  


  1. Update on Mike Napoli contract situation: Nick Cafardo of is reporting that the Red Sox are trying to change it to a two year deal instead of 3 because of concerns about a leg or hip injury. So far the two sides have been unable to reach an agreement, but he said that the team is keeping in touch with Nick Swisher and Adam LaRoche just in case.

  2. I tried to put together a 25 man roster without peeking at Barry's list, but I think I ended up with about the same conclusion . My roster for now is :

    12 Pitchers Lester, Buchholz, Lackey, Dempster, Doubront, Morales, Bailey, Tazawa, Uehara, Melancon/Bard( one or the other not both), Miller, Breslow

    2 Catchers Lavarnway and Ross ( I still think they trade Salty although the return for such a deal needs to be put on here somewhere)

    5 Infielders Napoli ( I still think it gets done, the Red Sox do not want to give up a draft pick that Swisher or LaRoche would cost), Pedroia, Drew, Middlebrooks, Ciriaco

    5 Outfielders Gomes, Ellsbury, Victorino, Nava/Kalish ( I heard Gammons mention that Kalish may get some 1B reps this spring just as Barry predicted for Nava). The other outfielder will be a lefty hitting 1B-OF still to be acquired or if either Nava or Kalish show any aptitude at first they both could make the club. (unlikely, though)

    Going back to Barry's list I have the following cuts

    Salty traded, if not Lavarnway to AAA

    Aceves traded for a prospect or two

    Bard to AAA or Melancon traded ( if Farrell can harness or stand Aceves he may stay and both DB and MM go)

    Kalish, Iglesias, and Rubby to AAA. If Iglesias show an improvement at the plate, I still think Drew could be the utility IF, albeit an expensive one, and Ciriaco could go or Pedro takes the 25th spot I assigned to the yet to be acquired guy. Kalish will play a lot for the Sox this year, but only if he has a dynamite, healthy ST does he beat out Nava to start the year. De la Rosa will be in the rotation by June, unless the entire rotation stays healthy.

    With my 25th player to be named( Lance Berkman, cough) I have 6 guys cut from Barry's 30. But as a final note let me add I think there are a number of guys who could still be traded. Not only the afore mentioned Salty, Aceves, Melancon, but also Ellsbury, Bailey, and one of Doubrpnt/Morales. Any or all of these deals would shuffle the Sox deck yet again.

  3. Well, I guess it's all over. Dan Shaughnessy predicts another last place finish in 2013:

    What an idiot. He mentions nary a stat, a reason, or any evidence besides "the other teams in the AL East are good". Fuel to the fire.

  4. I like the fact that nothing will be expected of the 2013 Red Sox especially in the media. As Brandon said, it just adds more fuel to the fire. I'm sure that when spring training rolls around that the Red Sox will be the likely pick to finish last in the AL east by most Boston and National media members.

  5. Kendrys Morales got traded to the Mariners for Jason Vargas today. Too bad. I wonder if Benny C was involved in this at all. I realize it would have meant giving up a player or two for the first time all winter, but I think Morales could be a comeback player of the year type. He was incredible before he exploded his ankle, but that was in 2010 wasn't it? Should be fully healed by now. I would have traded Doubront for him. Anybody else?

    1. Doubront? No. A combination of C,SS,RP yes. Which is probably why Morales didn't get traded to Boston. Nobody wants our spare parts.

      Jon Heyman of CBS sports is reporting that the Red Sox and Dodgers have been exploring trade talks with the Pittsburgh Pirates for closer Joel Hanrahan. Anyone intrigued by the possibility of acquiring Hanrahan?

    2. Are we sure that Doubront is good? As a starter I mean? Looks to me like his future might be a middle or maybe setup guy in the bullpen. I would have traded him for Morales.

  6. Replies
    1. I know that he throws very hard and is very affordable salary wise. I'm just not sure what it will take to get him. If you could get him for one of your catchers (Salty or Lavarnway), Iglesias, RP or a combination of those three I would say hell yes. And of course you could include Andrew Bailey in that deal!

    2. Wow, you guys don't know too much, no wonder there are no comments here.

      Hanrahan cheap?????? Why do you think the Pirates are trading him. The guy makes north of 7mil per this season after the arby award. A Lot of loot for a guy who has never pitched in high leverage. I would trade Salty and Aceves and that's it. That might even be too much and you guys want to throw in Lavarnway or Iggy???

      You R CRZY

    3. Alright, our first hostile, know-it-all commenter who has such balls to make statements about our ignorance, while leaving his name as anonymous! We must be getting somewhere!

      First off, $7 million a season is nothing for the Sox with some money to throw around. We just paid $4.25 million for a year of Koji Uehara. Throw in the fact that Hanrahan had 76 saves the last two seasons and has made two straight all-star game appearances, and yeah, he's a good target for our pen.

      Secondly, you're overvaluing our own players. Lavarnway is the only player out of the Salty, Aceves, Iggy, Lavarnway group who has a chance of being an all-star, and that chance is shrinking fast. The rest are replacement level. By signing Drew, the Sox have basically admitted Iggy will never be a major league starting SS because of his little league caliber bat, and he will be overtaken in the system by Boegarts before it even matters. He's a trade throw in chip.

  7. Anonymous, we've been waiting for you to show up to start making some comments. Thanks for finally taking the leap. Be sure to tell your friends about us and remember Rome wasn't built in a day.

    Now back to the Red Sox. The Pirates appear to be looking for SP in return for Hanrahan. The Sox would prefer to give up Morales or Aceves, but the Pirates want Doubront. I'm on record as saying that I wouldn't have traded Doubront for Kendrys Morales and I wouldn't trade him for Hanrahan. With that being said now would be a good time to sell high on Doubront. I would be willing to trade Doubront in a package that would get us a proven starting pitcher.

  8. Was Ryan Dempster signed to pitch for the Red Sox or get his own show on NESN doing impersonations? All I've seen about this guy since he signed is video and audio of him doing Harry Caray and Matt Foley. Which are both hilarious, but you gotta wonder...

  9. Well, Cody Ross will not be brought back as outfield depth. He signed a three year contract with the D-Backs today. The Sox were not willing to go beyond two years with him. I'm still not sure going with Gomes over Ross is a good call, but I'll guess we'll see.

    In other news, is anyone else starting to become worried about the Napoli situation? I know this isn't unprecedented, just ask J.D. Drew and his fifty-something day delay with his contract, and I know the Sox will still most likely sign him. But if Napoli's hip won't be ready for opening day, then we're screwed, and they may look into voiding his contract. Then where does that leave us at the 1B position? Probably signing either Adam I'm-headed-for-huge-regression LaRoche, or Nick I-might-be-washed-up Swisher and giving up draft picks. Yikes.

    Also, Barry, wasn't your main argument for wanting to sign Nick Swisher his clubhouse character? Another Millar in other words? Isn't the impersonations of Dempster straight out of the Millar playbook? Sounds like we got a good clubhouse guy with some character who will be fun to root for for a change around here (as opposed to the personality vortex of AGon, Beckett, J.D. Drew, etc in recent years). I'm in!

  10. 3 minutes ago on, Gordon Edes made a post that according to his sources, the Red Sox are close to a deal for Joel Hanrahan. However, Edes fails to mention what the Sox might be giving up in return. I saw on ESPN last night that Iglesias was reportedly in the deal. Edes mentions that the Pirates have been looking for pitching, specifically starting pitching, although they did sign Francisco Liriano yesterday. Edes also mentions that the Pirates expect a "significant return" for Hanrahan. As we have discussed above, the Sox want to include Morales or Aceves, while the Pirates might be trying to hold out for Doubront. Maybe the Sox will include Iggy in the deal in order to keep Doubront out of it. I for one hope they get this deal done by Christmas.

  11. Multiple sources are now reporting the Hanrahan is close. I have heard names like Bryce Brentz or Jerry Sands included with some pitching, maybe mutliple arms from the Boston bullpen.

  12. Latest tweets say the deal is done with the Sox sending Jerry Sands and Stolmy Pimental to Pittsburgh. At least one implies this is the entire deal. There must be at least one more piece going to the Buccos, right??

  13. Jon Heyman is reporting the Sox are dealing 4 players to Pitt, 2 being Sands and Pimental. That sounds more likely. Some reports Boston may get a second player as well, probably a prospect