Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rumored Red Sox Targets

With the Winter meetings only a week away, I thought I would post a list of every name ( or as close as I can recall) of players that have been connected to red Sox rumors this off season.  Some of these names have come from media reporting and speculation, others from fan blogs. Some names are more realistic than others.  Several names that had been on the list have all ready signed or been traded elsewhere:  Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes, Scott Baker, Jake Peavy, Torii Hunter, and Hideki Kuroda.  A couple of others are probably unavailable pipe dreams: Felix Hernandez and Giancarlo Stanton.

The list includes mostly first basemen, outfielders, and starting pitchers.  In other words the areas of biggest Red Sox need.  There is only one each of relief pitcher and third baseman, a half dozen shortstops and no second basemen at all ( except Chase Utley, who in one rumor was suggested as a Sox first base candidate, so that is where he is listed), and two catchers.  The list is no particular order of likelihood or preference. A * after the name indicated free agent.


Joe Mauer
Russell Martin  *

First Base

Mark Reynolds *
Kevin Youkilis *
Victor Martinez
Eric Hosmer
Justin Smoak
Billy Butler
Mark Trumbo
Kendrys Morales
Justin Morneau
Carlos Pena  *
Mike Napoli  *
Adam Lind
Bryan LaHair
James Loney  *
Ike Davis
Matt Carpenter
Chase Utley
Lance Berkman  *
Brandon Belt
Adam Laroche  *
Michael Morse

2B- none


David Wright


Asdrubal Cabrera
Stephen Drew  *
Elvis Andrus
Troy Tulowitzki
Hanley Ramirez
Jhonny Peralta


Shin-Soo Choo
Josh Hamilton  *
Grady Sizemore  *
Delmon Young  *
Alex Gordon
Vernon Wells
Josh Willingham
Nick Swisher (1B, also) *
BJ Upton  *
Justin Upton
Alfonso Soriano
Ryan Ludwick  *
Cody Ross  *
Carlos Gonzalez
Andre Ethier
Shane Victorino  *
Giancarlo Stanton
Jason Bay  *
Jose Tabata
Angel Pagan  *
Michael Bourn  *

Joakim Soria  *


Francisco Liriano  *
Gavin Floyd
Justin Masterson
Anabil Sanchez  *
Dan Haren  *
Zack Greinke  *
Derek Lowe  *
Brandon McCarthy  *
Felix Hernandez
James Shields
Derek Holland
Carlos Villanueva  *
Matt Garza
Joe Blanton  *
Ricky Nolasco
Shaun Marcum  *
Jonathan Niese
Cliff Lee
Kyle Lohse  *
Tim Linecum
Edwin Jackson  *

Despite the length of this list, I am sure new names will crop up in pre-meetings and during the Winter Meetings.  In fact, I predict it is likely Ben Cherington acquires a player or two out of the blue and not on this list.  But the shopping season peak is almost here.


  1. With all of the options available at first base you have to wonder if the Sox have any reason to go to four years on Mike Napoli? I would say no. Word is that Napoli and his agent were in Boston this weekend to discuss a deal. If Cherington is determined to practice discipline than this will be his first test. Napoli has too many question marks to go to four years on.

    1. Some 6 weeks later and this comment couldn't have been more true. Certainly not the way that I intended it to be, but the Napoli negotiations have certainly been a practice in discipline.

  2. You can take Bryan LaHair off the list, in theory, as he signed with a Japanese team. Although we all know what happened with a certain 1B in 2003 signing an overseas contract.

    1. Jason, you followed my reasoning for leaving him on perfectly. He has definitely been sold to a Japanese team, I was going to take him off the list but the Millar international incident caused me to leave him on the list. But I do not think he is a Sox target at this point.

  3. One more name to add to the list, maybe?? See my reply under Barry's thanksgiving leftovers to hear about a trade for uber-prospect Wil Myers of KC

  4. If Lester for Myers is truly on the table, and it wasn't just something that got discussed one time, then this offseason may very well be a wild one for Sox Nation. If Lester is available then they are looking at all possible avenues and anything can happen. Might as well call Seattle and see if they'll take Lester, Ellsbury and prospects for King Felix...

    1. Oh man, I just got really excited. I would trade Lester, Ellsbury, and prospects for King Felix in .0005 seconds. And that's before I saw Jon Lester tweet his followers tonight to ask whether he should watch Duck Dynasty or Moonshiners on TV.

    2. And minutes after I posted that comment, Lester tweets this, "Looks like I'm gonna go with #DuckDynasty it's the night they get their new uniforms. Ha. DVR #moonshiners both great shows!!" If Lester doesn't dominate this year, I am going to start loathing him. I feel it coming on already.

  5. The Yankees officially signed Mariano Rivera today to a one year 10 million dollar deal. I wonder what this means for Rafael Soriano? I realize he would cost a draft pick, but I would certainly kick the tires and see if there is any interest on his part.

  6. As of December 1st, the eve of the Winter Meetings, 2 or 3 names are off the list. Russell Martin has signed with Pittsburgh ( and according to Gammons and other sources the Twins are now saying Mauer is unavailable, potentially taking both catchers off the list...not really a Sox need anyway)and BJ Upton has inked a big deal with Atlanta. Additionally, as Jason pointed out above LaHair is off to Japan and off the list.

    Also I had noted Mark Reynolds as a free agent, he was not at the time of the posting, but is now as the O's have non-tendered him. With a weak first base market, if guys like Napoi and LaRoche fall through, Reynolds could be a possibility, as part of a platoon at least.

  7. David Wright has also re-upped on a big 8 year deal with the Mets so we can take him off the list as well. Even though he was a trade possibility to begin with I don't think the Red Sox would be interested in an 8 year deal and I wouldn't blame them.

  8. After the winter meetings we can take several free agents off the list. I'm going by memory here so I may leave someone out. Feel free to correct me if I miss one. Here are the players who are no longer available (the ones with * signed with the Red Sox)

    Russell Martin
    Mike Napoli*
    James Loney
    David Wright (signed extension with Mets making him virtually untradeable)
    BJ Upton
    Shane Victorino*
    Jason Bay
    Angel Pagan
    Joakim Soria
    Dan Haren
    Zack Greinke
    Brandon McCarthy
    Joe Blanton

    The free agent talent pool is starting to dwindle although Josh Hamilton is still available and like I tweeted the other night, the longer he goes unsigned the more I feel like the Sox are going to sign him to a three year deal worth any where from 75 to 90 million. I would still put the chances of this happening at less than 30% but it grows a little with each passing week. Lance Berkman would seem to be a good fit as long as he'd be willing to accept a reduced role as a part time first baseman, DH and 5th outfielder. Berkman is a switch hitter who has done a lot of damage from the left side in his career and he can do more than just play 1B which is what Cherington said he was looking for during the winter meetings after they signed Napoli.

    1. You can also take Mark Reynolds off the list as he signed with the Indians tonight.

    2. Of cousre, now James Shields is off the list ( not that he was ever gonna be traded to Boston by the Rays). And because of the same trade, you can unofficially but certainly take Eric Hosmer, Billy Butler, and Alex Gordon off the list. The Royals have their pitching they desired and they chose to traded their phenom instead of guys like these three that will help form the offense needed to go with the new found pitching to attempt to win the AL Central.

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