Friday, November 23, 2012

Red Sox Thanksgiving Leftovers

While no Thanksgiving will probably ever match the 2003 version from a hot stove perspective the Red Sox did make a move around the holiday.  It has not been officially announced yet but it appears that the Sox have agreed to a 2 year 10 million dollar contract with Johnny Gomes.  Here are a few other Red Sox thoughts:

  1. Now that John Gibbons has been hired as the Toronto manager, Brian Butterfield is officially the 3rd base coach for 2013.  This is great news for the maineiacs. Butterfield is a graduate of Orono High School which is the alma mater of two of the four maineiacs.  
  2. The coaching staff will be rounded out as soon as they name a hitting coach or two.  Gregg Colbrunn will be the fifth person interviewed for that position and expect an announcement sometime within the next week.  
  3. Mike Napoli is reportedly looking for a fourth guaranteed year to sign with a team.  The Red Sox and Mariners are reported to be the top suitors with the Yankees being mentioned earlier in the process. 
  4. No new news to report on the catcher trade sweepstakes.  Perhaps the Sox could use either Saltalamacchia or Lavarnway as a center piece of a trade with the Minnesota Twins for Justin Morneau, Joe Mauer or both.  The more I think about it the more I think that the Twins and Red Sox are a good match for a trade.  The Red Sox have a number of relatively affordable team controlled players as well as a few big league ready cheap players.  The Twins would like to get rid of the Mauer and Morneau contracts, although Morneau only has one more year left on his deal at 14 million.  The Sox could start with a package of Saltalamacchia, Doubront and Jose Iglesias.  
  5. Ben Cherington appears to be trying to repeat Theo Epstein's successful rebuilding job through free agency prior to the 2003 season by going after high character clubhouse guys.  According to all reports David Ross and Johnny Gomes are good clubhouse guys.  Who's going to be next?


  1. Ben definitely seems to be trying to corral his Millar type guys. Brian Butterfield also from his reputation around the game will add to the clubhouse as well.

    If I had to guess on the hitting coach from the current interviewees, I think Victor Rodriquez will get the job with maybe Greg Colburnn as assistant.

    Barry, I am assuming your beginning of a package of Salty, Doubront, and Iglesias would be for both Mauer and Morneau. I think you could get Morneau and his one remaining 14M season for a warm body or two. Mauer I agree would take a bigger deal. although it depends on how motivated the Twins are to cut payroll. If I was going to trade Doubront, it would not be for Mauer. But I would trade him for Alex Gordon ( although LF need is now a ?? with Gomes coming aboard), another more veteran P, or to Cleveland in a package for some combo of Choo, Masterson, and/or Asdrubal Cabrera.

    I would love to sign Napoli but I would think long and hard about 4 years. If the Sox could heavily front load the deal, to make him more tradeable in years 3 or 4 if need be, or realizing Napoli in year 3 or 4 could be Ortiz' replacement at DH may be reasons to give him the 4 year deal.

    1. I think to the rest of the league Salty and Iglesias are only one step above warm bodies if that, but I would certainly want fair value if I was going to include Doubront in the trade. When I put together that list it just included some of the type of players that the Twins would want and I think there are many pieces that the Twins have that would interest the Red Sox besides Mauer and Morneau including Josh Willingham who I mentioned in my road map post. The Twins also have a few pitchers that the Sox may be interested in, mostly bullpen guys.

  2. Here is a new rumor from Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star. He offers that the Royals hope to trade for one more top pitcher by keeping their young big leaguers and instead offering their best prospect ( and according to several sites anyone's best prospect--he is considered the #1 prospect in all of baseball) OF Wil Myers. According to this article nothing is close but he has been discussed with the Rays for James Shields, and with Boston in exchange for Jon Lester.

    Myers split last season between AA/AAA and he hit .314 with 37 HR and 109 RBI. Also he is considered to be a strong armed right fielder. Could the Sox really make this move and try to replace Lester with some Free Agents or another trade?

    With Lester's guru, John Farrell on board it seems unlikely, but if the Sox were trading the 2011/2012 Lester they should jump on it. If Lester returns to his previous form under Farrell, then he would be better than any pitcher they could likely acquire.

    Would you pull the trigger on this, if KC really offers Myers? Would you do the deal if the Royals would take Buchholz instead? I would be mighty tempted.

    I still think Ben C makes an out of the blue, out of the box move this winter. This would surely qualify.

    1. I've gone back and forth on this trade since I first saw the rumors today. A dynamic young hitter is something the Red Sox haven't really produced lately. I wouldn't quite put Pedroia, Ellsbury or Middlebrooks in that category. They've been explosive at times but not consistently so. The thought of getting a young power hitter is very appealing and I wouldn't be totally opposed to it, but if I was Ben C I would have to say no to this trade and I don't think John Farrell would be too fond of this trade. It is awfully tempting though.

  3. Myers strikes out a lot (140 times this year) and his defense is average at best. These two things prevent him from being a can't miss prospect in my mind and hence not enough to give up Jon Lester for.

  4. The Boston media has described him as a average defender, however he played centerfield in the minors, although profiles to a RF, he cannot be a complete klutz if he is being used in CF. The real question is what could the Sox trade Lester for a year from now if he goes 9-14 with an ERA near 5.00 again. Trade Lester for Myers, sign Anibal Sanchez and someone like Brandon McCarthy and/or Shawn Marcum and the pitching staff is no worse than it is with Lester. I type this as a Red Sox fan who has loved Jon Lester, but just about every neutral, national baseball reporter is saying if this offer is on the table the Sox should grab it and go before KC changes their mind.

  5. If one of the reasons that the Red Sox hired John Farrell was the believe that he could turn Lester and Buchholz into ace pitchers then it would kind of defeat the purpose of hiring him. Quite frankly this is a trade that I would be fine with if they make it and I'd be fine if they don't. I just don't think they will make the trade.