Friday, November 30, 2012

Arbitration Deadline Looms

Check out the twitter feed on the right hand side of the blog for the latest updates and coverage of the Red Sox decisions on arbitration eligible players.  These players have 3 to 5 years of major league service and if they are offered arbitration it guarantees that they will be with the team this year barring a trade.  So let's play a little game of Keep or Let Go!! The Red Sox have 11 players eligible for arbitration and they need to make an arbitration offer to them by midnight tonight.  Many of the players on the list will be key players for the team this year.  Projected arbitration salaries are obviously a key part of whether or not a player will get an offer so I will include projected salaries in parenthesis.  The projected salaries come from Sean McAdam and  Put your answers in the comments section below and let us here at redsoxmaineiacs know if you want to "keep" the player or "let go" of the player (put an asterisk next to a player who you don't want to offer arbitration to, but try to sign them at a lower cost) Time to play everyone's favorite game show...Let's Go!!

  1. Jarrod Saltalammacchia (4.5 million)   Keep or Go?
  2. Ryan Sweeney (1.9 million) Keep or...Goooo??
  3. Jacoby Ellsbury (9 million) Keeeep orrr Go?
  4. Scott Atchison (750,000) Keep or Go?
  5. Andrew Bailey (4 million) Keeeep orrrrr... GO!!!?
  6. Alfredo Aceves (2.3 million) keep or Crazy...I mean go? 
  7. Franklin Morales (1.5 million) keep or GO?
  8. Andrew Miller (1.5 million) Keeeep orrr go!? 
  9. Rich Hill (1 million) Keep or Go?
  10. Daniel Bard (1.7 million) Keep or LOOK OUT, man I almost just got hit with a fastball, Go?
  11. Craig Breslow (2.4 million) Keep or Go!?
Leave your answer for all 11 players in the comments section below... The winner gets a free redsoxmaineiacs t-shirt!! 


  1. 1. Keep (then trade :)
    2. Let Go
    3. KEEP
    4. Let Go
    5. keep
    6. keep
    7. keep
    8. keep
    9. Let Go*
    10. Keep
    11. Keep

    The Red Sox wouldn't have a bullpen if it weren't for the people on this list. I ended up keeping 8 out of 11 but what the heck it isn't my money!

  2. I hate to sound repetitive but my answers are
    1.keep and he will be traded likely next week
    2.Let Go the easiest decision on the list
    3. Keep I would still trade him, but I am starting to believe Ben will not
    4. Let go with a spring training invite
    5. keep
    6. keep-but he'll be traded by or during spring training
    7. keep
    8. keep
    9. Let go-with a side agreement on a minor league deal and a spot in 2013 Sox bullpen
    10. keep
    11. keep- although he is the only keeper on my list with a chance to go

  3. Looks like we've got a good old fashioned tie...

  4. I'm just now seeing this. I like the setup Barry, especially the little digs at Bard and Fettuccine. Thankfully we won't have to watch Ryan Sweeney struggle his way through more major league at bats. I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Scratch my Atchison. Here's saying he sticks onto the bottom of the Sox roster, maybe starting at AAA, like a barnacle on a tugboat. Last thought - I read somebody saying that based on the contract Russel Martin got from the Pirates the catcher position is so inflated right now that Salty Dog will have real trade value. I hope they move him this week during the winter meetings. While I will miss his luscious curls, I will not miss his outrageous strikeout totals.