Friday, November 30, 2012

Arbitration Deadline Looms

Check out the twitter feed on the right hand side of the blog for the latest updates and coverage of the Red Sox decisions on arbitration eligible players.  These players have 3 to 5 years of major league service and if they are offered arbitration it guarantees that they will be with the team this year barring a trade.  So let's play a little game of Keep or Let Go!! The Red Sox have 11 players eligible for arbitration and they need to make an arbitration offer to them by midnight tonight.  Many of the players on the list will be key players for the team this year.  Projected arbitration salaries are obviously a key part of whether or not a player will get an offer so I will include projected salaries in parenthesis.  The projected salaries come from Sean McAdam and  Put your answers in the comments section below and let us here at redsoxmaineiacs know if you want to "keep" the player or "let go" of the player (put an asterisk next to a player who you don't want to offer arbitration to, but try to sign them at a lower cost) Time to play everyone's favorite game show...Let's Go!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Red Sox finalize the coaching staff

The Red Sox and John Farrell have finalized their coaching staff for the upcoming season by naming Gregg Colbrunn the hitting coach. and Peter Abraham report that Victor Rodriquez is the leading candidate for the newly created assistant hitting coach position.  Assuming that these two hires go through there are no more openings on the staff for 2013.  Here is a look at how the staff shapes up:

Manager- John Farrell
Bench Coach- Torey Lovullo
Pitching Coach- Juan Nieves
3rd Base Coach- Brian Butterfield
1st Base Coach- Arnie Beyeler
Bullpen Coach- Gary Tuck
Hitting Coach- Gregg Colbrunn
Asst. Hitting Coach- Victor Rodriquez (not yet official)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rumored Red Sox Targets

With the Winter meetings only a week away, I thought I would post a list of every name ( or as close as I can recall) of players that have been connected to red Sox rumors this off season.  Some of these names have come from media reporting and speculation, others from fan blogs. Some names are more realistic than others.  Several names that had been on the list have all ready signed or been traded elsewhere:  Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes, Scott Baker, Jake Peavy, Torii Hunter, and Hideki Kuroda.  A couple of others are probably unavailable pipe dreams: Felix Hernandez and Giancarlo Stanton.

The list includes mostly first basemen, outfielders, and starting pitchers.  In other words the areas of biggest Red Sox need.  There is only one each of relief pitcher and third baseman, a half dozen shortstops and no second basemen at all ( except Chase Utley, who in one rumor was suggested as a Sox first base candidate, so that is where he is listed), and two catchers.  The list is no particular order of likelihood or preference. A * after the name indicated free agent.


Joe Mauer
Russell Martin  *

First Base

Mark Reynolds *
Kevin Youkilis *
Victor Martinez
Eric Hosmer
Justin Smoak
Billy Butler
Mark Trumbo
Kendrys Morales
Justin Morneau
Carlos Pena  *
Mike Napoli  *
Adam Lind
Bryan LaHair
James Loney  *
Ike Davis
Matt Carpenter
Chase Utley
Lance Berkman  *
Brandon Belt
Adam Laroche  *
Michael Morse

2B- none


David Wright


Asdrubal Cabrera
Stephen Drew  *
Elvis Andrus
Troy Tulowitzki
Hanley Ramirez
Jhonny Peralta


Shin-Soo Choo
Josh Hamilton  *
Grady Sizemore  *
Delmon Young  *
Alex Gordon
Vernon Wells
Josh Willingham
Nick Swisher (1B, also) *
BJ Upton  *
Justin Upton
Alfonso Soriano
Ryan Ludwick  *
Cody Ross  *
Carlos Gonzalez
Andre Ethier
Shane Victorino  *
Giancarlo Stanton
Jason Bay  *
Jose Tabata
Angel Pagan  *
Michael Bourn  *

Joakim Soria  *


Francisco Liriano  *
Gavin Floyd
Justin Masterson
Anabil Sanchez  *
Dan Haren  *
Zack Greinke  *
Derek Lowe  *
Brandon McCarthy  *
Felix Hernandez
James Shields
Derek Holland
Carlos Villanueva  *
Matt Garza
Joe Blanton  *
Ricky Nolasco
Shaun Marcum  *
Jonathan Niese
Cliff Lee
Kyle Lohse  *
Tim Linecum
Edwin Jackson  *

Despite the length of this list, I am sure new names will crop up in pre-meetings and during the Winter Meetings.  In fact, I predict it is likely Ben Cherington acquires a player or two out of the blue and not on this list.  But the shopping season peak is almost here.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Red Sox Thanksgiving Leftovers

While no Thanksgiving will probably ever match the 2003 version from a hot stove perspective the Red Sox did make a move around the holiday.  It has not been officially announced yet but it appears that the Sox have agreed to a 2 year 10 million dollar contract with Johnny Gomes.  Here are a few other Red Sox thoughts:

  1. Now that John Gibbons has been hired as the Toronto manager, Brian Butterfield is officially the 3rd base coach for 2013.  This is great news for the maineiacs. Butterfield is a graduate of Orono High School which is the alma mater of two of the four maineiacs.  
  2. The coaching staff will be rounded out as soon as they name a hitting coach or two.  Gregg Colbrunn will be the fifth person interviewed for that position and expect an announcement sometime within the next week.  
  3. Mike Napoli is reportedly looking for a fourth guaranteed year to sign with a team.  The Red Sox and Mariners are reported to be the top suitors with the Yankees being mentioned earlier in the process. 
  4. No new news to report on the catcher trade sweepstakes.  Perhaps the Sox could use either Saltalamacchia or Lavarnway as a center piece of a trade with the Minnesota Twins for Justin Morneau, Joe Mauer or both.  The more I think about it the more I think that the Twins and Red Sox are a good match for a trade.  The Red Sox have a number of relatively affordable team controlled players as well as a few big league ready cheap players.  The Twins would like to get rid of the Mauer and Morneau contracts, although Morneau only has one more year left on his deal at 14 million.  The Sox could start with a package of Saltalamacchia, Doubront and Jose Iglesias.  
  5. Ben Cherington appears to be trying to repeat Theo Epstein's successful rebuilding job through free agency prior to the 2003 season by going after high character clubhouse guys.  According to all reports David Ross and Johnny Gomes are good clubhouse guys.  Who's going to be next?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Division Rival on Verge of a Blockbuster

Red Sox divisional foe the Toronto Blue Jays are on the verge of a trade with the Miami Marlins that will make the Red Sox trade in August look small.  ESPN Boston is reporting that the Marlins are sending Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Beuhrle, Emilio Bonifacio and John Buck to the Jays.  In return, the Jays are sending Yunel Escobar, Jake Marisnick and Adeiny Hechevarria and possibly more to the Marlins.

What does this mean for the Red Sox?  Do you wish that the Sox had made this trade with the Marlins instead? Does this make the Blue Jays contenders in the AL east? Let's Discuss...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Offseason Road Map

After a long time away from the redsoxmaineiacs blog, thanks to life as a high school football coach from August to November, I have had some free time and my mind has started to think about the Red Sox hot stove season.   For my return to the blog I want to take a look at the team’s needs and wants during the offseason.   Then I will put together a road map that will lead the Red Sox back to postseason play. 

I am going to break down the Red Sox needs by category.  We will take a look at catcher, infield, outfield, DH, starting pitching, bullpen, bench, manager and coaching staff.  We will explore several different ways for the Red Sox to acquire more talent and ways to improve the talent that they already have.  There is already a vibe from the people who cover the Red Sox in the media that they are rebuilding for 2014, but in this day in age of 5 teams making the playoffs in each league there is no reason to throw away the 2013 season.  I am going to put together a blueprint for Ben Cherington and John Farrell to follow that will give them a chance to make the playoffs this coming season without jeopardizing the opportunity to build an AL east champion by 2014.