Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sox Fire Valentine Day After Worst Season Since 1965

Well, Deacon Art got his wish just hours after this horror show of a season ended.  The Red Sox, in a typical move of hilarity, announced that Bobby V was fired via Twitter!  Here's the tweet:

BREAKING: Bobby Valentine will not return as #RedSox Manager in 2013. EVP/GM Ben Cherington to lead managerial search.

So Bobby V gets to add to his resume that he presided over the worst Red Sox season since the Lyndon B. Johnson administration.  Good luck ever finding another managing job on this side of the Pacific Bobby.

Also, I'm not sure what is funnier about that tweet.  Here are the choices:

1. Bobby V was fired hours after the season ended
2. The Red Sox announced the firing via Twitter
3. The team announces that Ben Cherington will lead the managerial search.

Why should we believe #3? We all know that Cherington didn't get to lead the search last time, why should we expect the ownership troika to butt out this time?  Why include that in the tweet?  I suppose the easy answer to that is to try to convince Red Sox fans that this type Ben C and not Larry will choose the next guy.

Speaking of the next guy, Gordon Edes claims that the leading candidates are the following:

John Farrell

Who would you prefer?  

To me, Farrell would make the most sense baseball-wise, but when you look at the success that Robin Ventura and Mike Matheny had this year, I would love to see them go with an ex-player and preferably an ex-Red Sox player, meaning I would love to see Mikey Lowell as the manager in 2013.  I'll throw it up in a poll.

I'm already more excited for the off-season than I have been for the Red Sox since August.


  1. Interesting tweet from Nick Cafardo:

    "Red sox going hard for john farrell but don't rule out varitek."

    I would prefer Varitek to Lowell based on the success of ex-catchers as big league managers, but I still think Lowell's charisma with latino players would be huge. Farrell is obviously the frontrunner

  2. At long last our "Nation"al nightmare is over. Well, at least two of them ( 2012 season and Valentine error), there may be a few other nightmares ahead. Hopefully not.

    I think there is no question that John Farrell is the frontrunner ( or as I heard recently by I think Sean MacAdam, Farrell is Pan A, Plan B, and Plan C) but I do not think it is a slam dunk he can get out of the Toronto deal, and I personally am not keen on giving up a player or players for him. But that could be the route they go.

    I have to admit I have thought about the best replacement for weeks now and I have to admit I do not have one must have candidate. But some of my leading choices would be :

    DeMarlo Hale.. tons of minor league managing experience and also as big league bench and third base. Many years in the Sox system, as well as Texas and this year the winning Orioles. Since Tito is not coming back ( and that would be MY first choice) one of his lieutenants in Hale is probably my first choice.

    Ryne Sandberg-a Hall of Fame player who was willing to manage in the low minors on up, No Red Sox connection which may point in his favor.

    Mike Maddux- supposedly Ben first choice last winter but he withdrew. If Texas loses the wild card game, he may be more wiling to leave. Unless he stays in Texas to replace Ron Washington, who will surely be fired if Texas loses to the Orioles.

    Bill Mueller--The first time I heard his name mentioned was in late August by Sean MacAdam on Comcast's Baseball Show. No managerial experience at all ( hello, Robin Ventura) but he has been working in the Dodger front office for 2-3 years as an assistant to the GM. He has the magic of 2004 with more separation from the players than Jason Varitek, or 2007's Mike Lowell for that matter.

    Arnie Beyeler- If the Red Sox are truly looking at promoting Bogaerts, Bradley, Barnes, Webster, Brentz, Iglesias, Lavarnway et al in 2013/2014, this may be the guy. The 48 year old he has managed the last 6 years in the system( 2007-10 in Portland and the last 2 at AAA). You can all but guarantee Arnie is at least on the 2014 coaching staff, he did a masterful job of leading the Pawsox to a IL title while running 50-60 players through his roster. I think he has better shot than people think.

    Thank God Valentine is gone ( via Twitter of otherwise), and thank God it is the off season with some much to do and so much to look forward to,

    P.S. Also today Jerry Sands and Rubby de la Rosa have officially joined the Sox.

  3. Thank The Lord above! Jon Heyman wrote an article on his thoughts for Sox manager.

  4. Here is a name that I suggested when Edbo, Libba and I went to Fenway in September: Brian Butterfield. An Orono boy, went to HS with Edbo et al, smooth nickname of "Butter," son of former UMaine and Clemson baseball coach Jack Butterfield, and from what I know he has been a fine coach for a long time in the bigs, worked closely with the golden boy John Farrell for the last 2 years as well. Plus no connection to the Sox, I would really be pushing this if he hadn't done time with the Yankees. In fact I had Edbo relay to him that I was endorsing his candidacy, to which he replied I should call his agent. Someone get me a phone!

    1. I don't know about Butterfield as Sox manager, but today on Comcast Sean MacAdam said he thought Farrell if he got the job would bring Butterfield and Torrey Lovullo along as coaches in Boston. I actually should have included Lovullo on my quick list of non-Farrell candidates above. I would place him right behind DeMarlo Hale, very successful minor league manager for Cleveland, came to the Sox for one year to manage Pawtucket and then joined Farrell's Jays staff.

    2. I spoke to a few people at the Orono vs. John Bapst football game Friday night that know Brian Butterfield well and they hinted to me that he is a finalist for the Blue Jays manager position. ( I did speak to Edbo at that game, but we didn't talk about Butterfield). Evidently the reports on about Butterfield being hired as the new 3rd base coach were premature.

  5. From the Twitter box here at RSM, Pete Abe is reporting that per Sandy Alomar Jr. the Indians have chosen the other candidate for their job as manager, Terry Francona. My first reaction was this could push Alomar up on the Sox list. But reading further down our Twitter box, I think Pete Abraham has bingo. Tito to the Tribe, Farrell to Boston, and Alomar takes the Jays job. This would free up Butterfield and Lovullo likely as well as Farrell to come to Boston's staff, since Alomar would have his own coaches most likely ( just do not tell that to Bobby Valentine).

  6. Gordon Edes wrote an interesting article today for saying that Brad Ausmus just might end up as the next Red Sox manager. Here's the link (copy and paste it):

    It's an interesting read. There are certainly a lot of former catchers doing well as big league managers, including all four managers still alive in this year's playoffs. I think he would be a really interesting choice.

    Another piece of interesting trivia in the article is that the most successful Red Sox manager in history before Tito Francona was an ex-catcher who had never managed before: William Francis "Rough Bill" Carrigan. He was a Maine man, from Lewiston who become player/manager in 1913 and went on to win back-to-back world series in 1915 and 1916, so there you go.

  7. And after interviewing an impressive foursome of Tim Wallach, Brad Ausmus, Tony Pena, and DeMarlo Hale, the Red Sox have acquired and hired John Farrell as Sox manager, as expected all along. Now on the business of rebuilding this team.