Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cousin Jason's Cooler Week of Sept. 3rd

Welcome to another edition of the cooler, this is going to be a long month in Red Sox Nation. The Sox are currently 62-74, can the Sox outperform last years September collapse and get 8+ wins to get to 70 or more wins? The consensus amongst the Maineiacs is that will not happen. How the hell have we gone from the World Champs of 2007 to this? Let's see what's on ice, besides the Sox season:

Random Shooters
- It's football season, the NFL kicks off tomorrow night with the Cowboys and the Giants. Thankfully Sox fans will have a distraction until the next managerial search gets under way.
- In addition to the NFL season beginning, also on October 11th "The League" on FX begins. What a great show!

Sox Pack
1. Hopefully John Henry found enough on his fact finding mission in Seattle yesterday to determine that Bobby Valentine must go before the start of the 2013 season.
2. I will be making another venture to Boston on Sunday to take in this disgusting display of baseball, wish me luck as my last 3 baseball excursions have involved rain. At least I'll get to partake in some lovely Narragansett Lager!
3. I took in the Sea Dogs, albeit briefly, on Sunday. Jackie Bradley walked right in front of me as the Dogs in their Portland Eskimo jerseys thanked the fans. Other than that the Dogs pretty much were disappointing.
4. Red
5. Sox
6. Suck

- Another Fenway adventure August 22, 1993. Sox vs. Indians. Sox finished 1993, 80-82. On the date of this adventure the Sox lost 3-2 in 11 innings to fall to 65-58. Aaron Sele pitched 7 shutout innings for the Sox only to be undone by the bullpen, led by John Dopson, Tony Fossas, and Ken Ryan.  This game was Rob Deer's debut in a Sox uniform and he went 3-6 with a HR. Hall of Famer Andre Dawson also went deep on this day. We had great seats down the 3rd base line 2 rows off the field.

Are you ready for some football!


  1. I can still see Rob Deer's homerun settling into the net on top of the green monster. Good times.

  2. I also seem to remember Barry botching several ground balls right at us during batting practice in those primo seats.