Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trade Thoughts

First off, I love the trade for the Red Sox.  It gives them a tremendous amount of freedom to adjust their roster going forward.

I especially agree with #1 and #8 on the Deacon's list of trade ramifications.  I think the Youk trade, the firing of Bob McClure, and the Dodgers trade were all part of a clear message that the Sox brass is behind Bobby V and he will be here in 2013 and beyond.  Bobby V clashed with Youk - Youk was gone.  Bobby V clashed with his pitching coach - the coach was gone.  The players held a behind-his-back meeting to get Bobby V fired (supposedly led by Gonzo among others), and three of them are shipped off to the west coast.  Bobby V seems to get what he wants out of these owners, who seem too stubborn to admit Bobby V may not have been the best hire.

I thought of #8 as well, that the Dodgers will probably play in the World Series this year.  Right after the trade happened Adrian Gonzalez tweeted something along the lines of, "So excited! I can't wait to get back to the west coast! I hate the cold of the northeast, the shark-infested cluster**** that is the boston media, and that dumb*** of a manager!" (okay, I made that last part up, but the rest of the tweet was basically the same).  I think AGon is going to have a massive remainder of 2012 and beyond in LA.  He was meant to be on the west coast.  All the sabermetrics in the world can't always forecast what will happen when a human being gets taken away from where he grew up and where he feels most comfortable.

Beckett having an F-U stretch drive back in the NL is such a sure thing, I wish they were taking bets on it at the Oxford Casino.  I'd drive over and slap down a couple hundo this afternoon.

How's this for a prediction, again given how the 2012 season has gone for the Sox:

Joe Buck: ...and we're live for game 6 of the World Series here on Fox!  Tonight Josh Beckett starts with the Dodgers' season on the line here in Yankee Stadium.  The Yankees are one win away from winning the world series, which makes me giddy with glee...and the man standing in his path is old rival Josh Beckett.  That's right - tonight Red Sox fans will have to choose between rooting for Josh Beckett in a Dodgers uniform or the Yankees winning the championship!  MUAHHAHAH! I LOVE THE YANKEES!!!

Tim McCarver: You know, the team that wins tonight will be the team that gets better pitching, unless the other team scores more runs.

Joe Buck: Right.  Well the heart of the Dodgers lineup, Ramirez, Kemp, and Gonzalez, has been outstanding in this series, basically winning games 2 and 4 by themselves.  But nobody has been better than Adrian Gonzalez.  If the Dodgers find a way to win the World Series, Gonzalez will definitely be the World Series MVP....and if the Yankees win it, the captain, Derek Jeter, has been sublime as usual in this series.  Excuse me while I wash his balls.

Tim McCarver: garble garble garble...when I played....garble garble garble.

Yes, I'm dreading watching playoff baseball this year already.


  1. I may dread watching playoff baseball, too, if I thought the Yankees have a snowball's chance in hell of reaching the World Series. They will have trouble holding off the Rays and the Orioles for a playoff spot the way the are playing lately. ( And yes Yankee fans I know the Red Sox have no chance and have played much worst than your team). But in your scenario, Brandon I would be rooting my ass off for Josh Beckett.

    Despite the battles that can be spun into Valentine victories, I still think there is only about a 30% chance the manager returns. Youk left because of Middlebrooks more than Bobby, McClure clashed with the manager all year and did not get fired until August, and Gonzalez got dealt largely, if not entirely to get the payroll relief of historic proportions.

    I suppose the way the Sox play from here on in could determine his fate, but really it is garbage time, the Sox FO should know by now they need someone else at helm.

  2. I've heard this sentiment a lot in the last couple of days after the newness of the trade wore off. The sentiment being that the Dodgers are going to make it to the World Series, while that would be just the Red Sox luck of the last three years I have to pump the brakes on this theory. The Dodgers are not even in first place in their own division and they are 2.5 games out of the 2nd wild card spot in the NL with a 69-60 record. I think the more likely scenario will have the Dodgers on the outside of the playoffs looking in. They will then find out just as the Red Sox have that you can't just build a successful team by acquiring talented players (talent certainly doesn't hurt, but it's not that simple). You have to have a balanced roster with good team chemistry and the Dodgers just acquired a whole lot of bad chemistry. The Dodgers will not get the bump that they are expected to get from this trade...at least not this year.

  3. It also doesn't help the Dodgers that Matt Kemp got hurt running into the outfield wall in Colorado tonight.

    1. whoops time to fix my fantasy baseball lineup!

  4. Might want to, since I'm kicking your ass right now

    1. The Dell's have made quite a run up from the basement and yes you are kicking my ass. I thought I might have caught them on a good week since their name sake and on field manager is on vacation :)