Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cousin Jason's Cooler Week of August 6th

Welcome to our third edition of the Cooler. Let's see what is good and cold this week:

Random Shooters
- With the Sox mired in their season long malaise, it has been a little easier to switch over to NBC to checkout the Olympics. I was mesmerized with the teamwork and skill demonstrated by Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings on Sunday night. It is easy to see why they are the best ever to play beach volleyball. A thought did occur to me as I was watching their quarterfinal match, how do countries pick their beach volleyball teams? Do they just make a call for any pairs that want to play some volleyball on the beach to show up and play, taking the best teams? Do these teams partake from their own coolers in between matches? If this is not the system, maybe it should be that would make for great television.
- Another Olympic related shot, how impressive of an athletic specimen is American 100 meter dash champion Carmelita Jeter?

Sox Pack
1. Looks like the Sox medical staff might be accurate in their claims that Carl Crawford doesn't need surgery on his elbow, as CC has been on a tear. Let's hope it continues and he helps the Sox make a playoff push. If he doesn't then neither will the Sox as he is a keep piece to their success, as Rob Bradford wrote on on Monday.

2. In the words of Sonny and Cher, "the beat goes on" concerning no only the Sox but the saga of the manager. On Monday there were several articles written clamoring for Bobby V's head, led by John Tomase of the Herald. My first thought was isn't Tomase a Patriots beat writer, what the hell is he doing weighing in on the Sox shouldn't he be at training camp. My second thought was not a bad read with some valid points. Later on Monday, Pete Abe wrote an opposing viewpoint story on Extra Bases, which also was a good read with valid points. In the end the owners of the Liverpool FC showed up in Boston, they own the Red Sox too apparently, who knew?, to give the dreaded "vote of confidence" to the manager. GM Ben Cherington even got behind Bobby V, well as much as he did in the off-season. So the saga continues, one quick note how the hell did Bobby not get run in the 9th last night defending Pedroia. Paul Nauert, the 1st Base Ump last night knew he F'd up and gave Pedey a long leash then ran him for a snide comment on the Murphy walk. There was no way he was going to run Bobby knowing that is what he want, dink! Watch out today though as Nauert has the plate, Bobby might get run exchanging line-up cards.

3. Also the same old, same old with Josh Beckett. He makes it through the deadline, pitches great one time through the Tigers line-up and should have been out of the inning unscathed had the infield grass not been soaked last Tuesday night, remember I was there. Instead his back tightens up and he implodes before leaving to boos, because Sox fans have had enough of Beckett. Pete Abe continues to rail on Beckett for refusing to talk to the media after games, Beckett goes on Boston radio station WAAF yesterday morning to promote his philanthropic endeavor Beckett Bowl and answer a few questions. Here is the transcript. Prior to Beckett's start today, David Ortiz speaks out supporting his boy, Beckett. Should be an interesting day in the Fens, if Beckett lays an egg against the Rangers, it could get real ugly. Stay tuned.

4. Alex Speier with an interesting Tweet and corresponding article on in regards to the Baseball America Tools Survey ranking the top tools in each level of minor league baseball. That Jackie Bradley won nearly every category in the Carolina League, of which he is no longer part of, is not interesting but rather that Ryan Lavarnway was voted the Best DEFENSIVE Catcher in the International League. The skill that most feel is Lavarnway's weakness is voted the best by a reputable baseball publication, either Lavarnway is much improved defensively or the IL is filled with horrendous backstops.

5. Speaking of Lavarnway, Nick Cafardo tweeted last night about his dislike of the Sox currently carrying 3 catchers. While most of us Maineiacs feels that the work of Cafardo leaves a bad taste in our mouths, he may have a point. Especially with the news today that the "Nicaraguan Nightmare" Vincente Padilla was put on the 15 day DL to recall Clayton Mortensen, who is racking up the frequent flyer miles between Boston and Pawtucket. The move was necessitated by the unavailability of Craig Breslow and Junichi Tazawa this afternoon leaving Aceves, Melancon (who stayed in the game much too long last night), and Miller as the only options to follow a guy coming off a back spasm issue. The Sox either need to send Lavarnway back down or ship Shoppach out of town, enough of this playing short-handed crap. Especially given Brian Mac's article in the ProJo quoting Bobby V as stating "pennants are won in the bullpen." Although in recent articles since the trade deadline it sounds like some of the Sox brass might be souring on Jarrod Saltalamacchia, as I read a couple of rumors that they explored trading him or Shoppach.

6. A couple of positive notes, Adrian Gonzalez continues to be red hot and according to Gordon Edes via Twitter this morning David Ortiz was running the bases hard.

- Beat Writer Tweet of the Week goes to Pete Abe for last nights "Pedroia just said his favorite cartoon character was Buck Rogers. I might be wrong." In regards to Pedey's 8th inning tirade. Followed closely by Pete Abe's response to a tweet asking whether Middleborooks was in contention for the Rookie of the Year, "Google "Mike Trout" and get back to me." Pete Abe becoming the King of Social Media

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