Friday, August 24, 2012

Can the Sox pull a mid-August Mega Deal

Reports that began around mid afternoon are swirling the Red Sox are close to one of the biggest trade in their history.  First it was reported the Dodgers put in a waiver claim on Adrian Gonzalez, newsworthy but star players are often floated onto the waiver wire.  But then an hour or so later, it was reported that Josh Beckett has also been claimed, and it turned out also by LA.  The possibility of both traded in one package intensified.  Then around 6 pm Gordon Edes of ESPN first reported followed by others that in return for a package of kids plus James Loney the Red Sox would send Gonzo, Beckett, Nick Punto AND Carl Crawford to LA. WOW.

It is not a done deal, but Loney and Gonzalez were scratched right before game time from their respective lineups.  Stay Tuned


  1. As the 10 pm hour nears every sports outlet is still reporting the megadeal with LA is all but done. Jon Morosi of Fox is reporting it is done. The Sox would apparently shed Gonzalez, Beckett, Crawford, and Punto. They would receive young SP Rubby De La Rosa, Allen Webster, 1b-OF Jerry sands, IF Ivan DeJesus, Jr., and James Loney. And one helluva amount of payroll flexibility/relief. Apparently to get Gonzo who LA really wanted the Sox asked for at least 2 of their best prospects(the pitchers) and tld La they had to take Beckett and Crawford as well.

    This would be a trade of the top three highest paid Sox.

    Among the offshoot possibilities

    1. can the Sox better afford to sign Ellsbury?2. Does this speed the timetable for Bogaerts and maybe Brentz or Bradley?

    May or may not be announced tonight.

  2. I love this deal. Shed a gazillion dollars in payroll and stockpile young talent. This is the best move the Sox could do to change up and improve drastically over the next 2-3 years.

  3. Any word on whether or not Beckett could veto this deal with his 10-5 rights? He's screwed up everything else for the last two years he'll probably blow this trade too.

  4. Beckett does have 10-5 rights over this and could veto it, I cannot imagine he would not jump at the chance to leave Boston and jump into a pennant race. This seems to be the consensus opinion of the media for what it is worth. Crawford has a limited no trade in his contract of only 3 teams, but the Dodgers are one of them ( I have no idea why, maybe because the McCourt mess was screwing up the Dodgers at the time he signed??) They both must approve and MLB needs to sign off depending on the amount of cash the Sox send to LA. Mike Silverman of the Herald is reporting the Dodgers will pick up 95% of it, about 260M, that should raise no eyebrows at all in the MLB office.

    I too like this deal as a reset on this failed team. I would not deal AGon in a vaccuum, but if it allows you to free up all this cash and also get back some kids. De La Rosa, has been described by some neutral scouts as a potential #1 starter type with Webster not to far behind.

    I believe around noon Sunday is the deadline ( there is a 48 hour window after the waiver claim) for this to be done. But with Beckett ue to pitch today I think it will get finalized today.

  5. Several media members are reporting as of early Sat AM, the first I saw being Bustner Olney, that both Beckett and Crawford have OK'd the deal and the final hurdle is L:A reviewing and accepting Beckett's physical info. If the Sox have told LA no AGon without Beckett, I cannot believe this will cause the deal to fail. Look for an official announcement today.

  6. Latest reports are that the Dodgers sent a chartered plane to Boston and Gonzalez, Beckett, and Punto are in the air en route to LA. Another report states AGon plans to be in Dodger lineup tonight.

  7. While the on field results have been the worst in years for the Red Sox, this year has been anything but boring. There's been something new and interesting to talk about seemingly everyday. From Clubhouse turmoil to beer drinking and golf it's been something new everyday. Who knows? The team of "misfits" that's been left behind after this trade may just get hot and make a run at a wild card spot. You never know with this team and in this town. Go Sox!

    P.S. Kudos to Ben Cherington to have the stones to make this deal.

  8. Deacon, any chance we can get a break down of the players that we've received in return? Will De la Rosa and Webster debut on the next RSM top prospects report and if so how high do you think they will be? Top 3? Top 10?

  9. And the soap opera continues as word comes that Alfredo Aceves has been suspended 3 games for conduct detrimental to the team. Jerry Remy said that Aceves had a melt down in the bullpen last night after not being used to close the game. Maybe just maybe Bobby V and Ben C. are taking back control of the clubhouse.

  10. I think Webster for sure will appear on the list, although it may be hard to compare him to prospects we know more about. I had heard that de la Rosa had come off some Dodger prospect list because he had advanced to the big leagues in at least a limited amount of games, and of course technically is not part of Sox system yet. But I am inclined to include him. de la Rosa is the prize acquisition with some some scouts not only saying his ceiling is a #1 starter ( and his floor a 2010-2011 Bard type set up guy) who throws in the upper 90's but some folks think he could be a facsimile of his idol, Pedro Martinez. We can only hope and pray. He could very well be in the 2013 Sox rotation.

    Allen Webster was either the 2nd or 3rd best prospect in the LA system, depending on whose ranking you read. He also projects as a MLB starter whose comps include Derek Lowe, because he is tall and laanky and throws a sinker.

    Jerry sands, another PTBNL, is a 1B-OF who has power with over 100 RBI this year at ALbuquerque. Two words of warning, first the PCL is notorious for inflating offensive numbers. Secondly, a couple of years ago Sands was LA's top power prospect, but similarly to Lars Anderson has slipped to where he is nearly considered a AAAA player. maybe he projects a RH power bat off the bench at this point.

    Ivan DeJesus is also not a top of line prospect but has some big league experience and at worst is a younger guy to fill Punto's role.

    James Loney has continued to regress in recent years. I feel he has two chances to stay in Boston beyond this year. First if he absolutely hits a ton the next 6 weeks or so ( because of the current opening at 1B in Boston, he could be better than others on the FA market)and secondly he apparently has a previous relationship playing for Jerry Royster.

    There are some many off shoots to discuss all due to this deal, hopefully will post a list of a dozen or so soon.