Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Ramblings

Happy Saturday Maineiacs! Lovely day here in Maine, a fine one to be at camp (Barry) or at your 10th year HS Reunion (Brandon), also a fine day to play a couple of girls basketball games in the sweltering gym at Erskine Academy (Me). Anyways, here are some random thoughts that have occurred in the last 24 hours or so.

First the Sox have DFA'D Darnell McDonald to make room for Josh Beckett to pitch this evenings contest. Best of luck to DMac, as despite his ability on the field always seemed like a good guy.

Secondly, what a performance last night by Aaron Cook outstanding! 81 pitches on his way to a 2 hit shutout, a joy to watch and still hit the sack by 12:30. Granted it was the punchless Mariners but Cook probably threw the same pitch (sinker) 75 times last night.

While on the starting pitching front, I read on MLB Trade Rumors last night that RHP Brandon McCarthy of the Oakland A's might be available at the trade deadline for a decent asking price. Granted he is currently on the DL and has never fully lived up to his potential in the bigs, but still I thought this might be a good move for the Sox to look into to come late July. Nick Cafardo also proposed on the Globe website trading Jon Lester and Jacoby Ellsbury for Felix Hernandez. I would might make that deal, but that is probably just the hangover effect from King Felix's domination of the Sox on Thursday night and the fact that Lester and Ellsbury have been underwhelming and injured.

I guess that is all for now, let's hope the Sox keep it rolling tonight in Seattle.


  1. It seemed like just a matter of time before Darnell MacDonald was cut loose with all the outfielders coming back soon. I am a little surprised it was to make room for Beckett, though. Best of luck to DMac.

    As far as Cafardo's proposed Lester and Ellsbury for King Felix deal. I am ashamed to admit for once I am on Cafardo's side. I would do this deal, albeit with maybe a few other minor pieces involved. And if the M's could sign Ellsbury long term ( could be a big if) I think they would be interested. The Mariners have a ton of young starting pitching racing thru their system and the need for offense is tremendous. Maybe more likely to happen this winter than by the July 31 deadlin, if at all.

  2. Also saw that the Orioles traded 2 minor leaguers to the Phillies for Jim Thome

  3. Just read on Twitter per the voice of the PawSox Aaron Goldsmith, that Justin Germano threw 8 scoreless innings tonight with 10 K's. Apparently Germano, who made the AAA All-Star team has an opt out clause dated for July 1, which is indeed tomorrow.

  4. Three more notes on our #1 prospect, Xander Bogaerts. Today( Sunday July 8) he is playing, along with our #2 guy, Matt Barnes, in the Futures Game. He is scheduled to start at DH at last report. Secondly, in an column Keith Law rates Xander as the best power prospect playing in this game.

    Also John Sickels, who runs a site centered on minor league ball and prospects, has put out their top 120 mid season rankings of all the prospects in baseball. Bogaerts is rated #11, but if you take out the pitches, Xander is rated as the #5 positional player prospect in all the game. Six other Red Sox are in their top 120. Bradley at 36, Barnes 41, Lavarnway 59, Blake Swihart 90, Brandon Jacobs 105, and Henry Owens 119. Three other Sox were listed as next tier: Brentz, Cecchini, and Jose Vinicio.