Monday, June 18, 2012

Poll Results 6-18-12

It’s time once again for some poll results.  First off, Daniel Nava’s 2012 performance was voted as the biggest surprise of the season in a resounding 5-1-1-0-0-0-0 victory.  If I’m not mistaken, this was a guy who wasn’t even invited to Spring Training with the 2012 team.  If anybody told you that they thought Nava would have even played for Boston at all this season, they would be lying to you.  While a recent hand injury has slowed his impressive production, his season thus far as a whole must be seen as a shocking success.  So much so that it might be worth it for the Red Sox to look into trading him.  He has clearly shown that he can be a productive major league player.  Once the Red Sox begin filling their outfield back up with the players who were forecasted to play there this season (Kalish, Ross, Ellsbury, Crawford), there won’t be room for Nava.  Maybe he could be included with Youkilis in a trade to the Dodgers or Pirates.  If you included Franklin Morales in that package (right now quick before he makes another start and walks six batters and lasts 1.2 innings!), you would be talking about three proven major leaguers – the Pirates or Dodgers don’t need that infusion to chase down their division crown?

As far as the rest of the poll is concerned, Salty Dog’s All-Star candidacy and Doubie’s emergence as staff ace each received a vote.  Taking another look at those three vote-getters, you get an idea of just how wacky this 2012 Red Sox season has been.  A lot of fans weren’t convinced that Salty could be a major league player, let alone an all-star caliber one.  He continues to grow into Jason Varitek 2.0, if you exchange V-Tek’s thunder thighs for Salty’s perm-curls. 

We all believed heading into 2012 that we had a young, hard-throwing lefty in our rotation who was capable of striking out 8 or 9 batters per outing and give the Sox a good chance to win every time he took the Hill of Thrills.  It’s just that we thought it was Jon Lester, not Felix Doubront.  Doubie has exceeded everyone’s expectations (if someone out there expected this, e-mail me at you', and has emerged as a bright spot in a season full of murkiness.

None of the other options, including Scratch my Atch and Andrew “Cast Away” Miller’s pitching and Gonzo’s RF defense garnered any votes.  While these are surprising developments, the mind-blowing productivity of Nava rendered them vote-less.

As far as our second poll goes, Father’s Day has come and gone, and the Sox are still in the basement.  Probably not so deep in the basement that they can’t find the bulkhead and climb on out into the sunshine of playoff contention, but still down there in the dank cellar for now.  Nobody voted that this is where they would be by June 17.  Either we’re a bunch of optimists, or the Sox sucked us in with a brief stint above .500 when the poll was posted.  Three of us thought they would be in 3rd, two of us thought they would be way up in 2nd place, one of us thought they would at least be in 4th, and none of us were correct.

New polls coming out soon.  Until next time, poll results recap, out.

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