Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Deacon's Trivia-June is Bustin' Out

Here is the latest batch of the Deacon's trivia.  Good luck.

1. Which Red Sox batter holds the team record for home runs in a single month of June?

2. The last Red Sox player to record an out using the hidden ball trick did so in June.  Who was that player?

3. Seven times the Red Sox have had batters hit three home runs in a game during June.  Who was most recent Red Sox slugger to do this?

4. Six times during the month of June the Red Sox have scored 20 or more runs in a game.  What is the most runs the Red Sox have ever scored in a June game?


  1. 1. Manny Ramirez
    2. John Valentin
    3. (Is "slugger" a clue or is it a trick??) Trot Nixon
    4. 23 vs. the Marlins???

  2. 1. Adrian Gonzalez
    2. Kevin Millar
    3. Nomar Garciaparra
    4. 23

  3. There are no correct guesses in the first attempts by Brry and Jason

  4. 1. Dwight Evans
    2. Marty Barrett
    3. Arquimedez Pozo
    4. 27

  5. 1. David Ortiz
    2. Orlando Cabrera
    3. Dustin Pedroia
    4. 26

  6. So far there has been one correct answer given.

  7. Replies
    1. Well it does if anyone is confident in their own answers, but I will add that Jason had one of the answers correct and it was not #4

    2. I was confident all of my first 3 answers, so now I'll say:

      1. Jim Rice
      2. Orlando Cabrera (you were talking about OCab quite a bit in our last chat, so I figured he must be in this trivia)
      3. Adrian Gonzalez
      4. 25

  8. 1. Mo Vaughn
    2. Mike Lowell (Orlando Cabrera never played for the Red Sox in the month of June)
    3. Dustin Pedroia
    4. 22

    1. I had overlooked the fact that the question mentioned June for the hidden ball trick.

  9. Jason's correct answer ( although he changed his answer in the next round of guesses) and seconded by Brandon is #3 Dustin Pedroia. He hit three HRs in June 2010 at Colorado just days before hitting a ball off his foot and effectively ending his season.

    Some hints for the other three questions:

    1. This player won an AL MVP award while playing in Boston.

    2. It was a shortstop who pulled the hidden ball trick and it was in the 2000's

    4. None of the guesses have been high enough yet, the game was in June 1950 vs. the St. Louis Browns

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  11. 1. Fred Lynn
    2. Alex Gonzalez
    3. 33

    1. I obviously meant to guess 33 runs for #4 not #3, my bad.

  12. 1. Jackie Jensen (no way I would have known this, but "Not Jackie Jensen" tweeted us the other day and I looked him up, MVP in 1958. Still not sure this is the correct answer here though)
    2. Julio Lugo
    3. Dustin Pedroia
    4. 31

  13. I also noticed Not jackie Jensen's tweet the other and #1 is in fact Jackie Jensen who in his MVP year of 1958 hit 14 of his 35 homers in June . Jason's guess of the most runs scored in a June game is also correct at 29. On June 8, 1950 the Red Sox beat the Browns of St. Louis 29-4, this was the MLB record and was matched five years later by normally light hitting White Sox. The record last over 50 years until the Rangers beat the O's 30-3 a few years ago.

    Brandon also has the hidden ball shortstop right in Julio Lugo. On June 8, 2007 Lugo pulled the trick to retire Alberto Callaspo then of the Arizona Diamondbacks.