Thursday, May 10, 2012

Deacon's Morgan Magic Trivia

Right now Sox Nation looks for more than a little magic from any quarter.  Here are some questions concerning 1988's Morgan Magic.

1. How many games in a row did the Red Sox win at the outset of Joe Morgan's tenure?

2. On July 20th, near the beginning of Morgan's Magic, the manager received credit for taking control of the club by getting into a shoving match with Sox superstar Jim Rice.  Who did Morgan use as a pinch-hitter to replace Rice provoking the melee?

3. In the same game as the Rice incident, the Red Sox won 7-5 in the tenth on whose three run walk off home run?

4. During Morgan's Magic the Red Sox extended their home winning streak to 24 games.  On August 14th vs. the Tigers the streak, which began on June 24, ended. Who was the losing pitcher?

Hopefully the Red Sox and all of you are successful in recalling a little of Morgan's Magic


  1. 1. Fifteen
    2. Todd Benzinger
    3. Jody Reed
    4. Roger Clemens

  2. I turned four during the '88 season, so all of these are complete guesses, but here goes:

    1. Fourteen
    2. Jody Reed
    3. Rich Gedman
    4. Calvin Schiraldi

  3. 1. 12
    2. Dave Stapleton
    3. Dwight Evans
    4. Bob Stanley

  4. Each of Barry and Jason have one right, the 4 year old Brandon did not guess any correctly

  5. 1. 12
    2. Ed Romero
    3. Jody Reed
    4. Al Nipper

  6. The correct answers are :

    1. 12, after losing one, 7 more for 19 0f his first 20 as manager.

    2. Spike Owen

    3. Todd Benzinger

    Roger Clemens, who lasted just 1 1/3 innings giving up 8 runs in a 18-6 to the Tigers.