Sunday, May 20, 2012

5/20 Game 3 vs. Philadelphia

All of Red Sox Nation waits with baited breath to see if Josh Beckett (3-4,4.97) can keep his Philadelphia home run streak going today against Cliff Lee (0-1,1.95).  A victory today would give the Red Sox (19-21) the series win against the Phillies (21-20).  It will be interesting to see what the Sox do with the line up today.  Adrian Gonzalez didn't do anything to hurt the team in RF last night, and in fact he made a really good catch down the right field line.  He also has the best numbers of anyone on the team against Lee.  Papi also did a solid job at first base, so I'd like to see Papi and AGon in the lineup again today.

I imagine that Shoppach will be behind the plate tonight with a day game after a night game.  Despite the fact that Salty caught Beckett last time with good results.  Salty really endured himself to his teammates and fans last night by playing the day after getting 12 stitches in his ear to close a cut.  It was a gutsy performance and he played a good ball game.  That's the type of gutsy performance that we need more of. This team has a reputation for being a bunch of prima donnas but Salty went a long way in changing that last night.  It was good to see.  I also think you will see Byrd in CF today with the lefty on the mound and with Ross being dinged up a little by the ball he fouled off his leg Friday night.  Although if Ross is good to go you may see him in LF with Daniel Nava getting a day off.

Game time is 1:35 check back here for updates.  Let's go Red Sox!!


  1. With both Cody Ross and Ryan Sweeney nusring injuries, Mauro Gomez has been sent back to AAA, and Che-Hsuan Lin recalled again. With Youk on the cusp of being activated and Ross, at least, expected back in a day or so, is this another one day cameo for Lin.

    1. LINSANITY 3.0!!!! Oh wait a minute, yeah he'll probably be sent back down tomorrow. Although with the constant revolving door that is the Red Sox roster this year you never know. If Ross or Sweeney need to be put on the DL (unlikely, but again you never know) then Youk could be called up to replace that person. Stay Tuned!!

  2. Here is today's lineup:

    Aviles SS
    Pedroia 2B
    Ortiz 1B
    Gonzalez RF
    Middlebrooks 3B (possibly his last game with the big club for now)
    Salty C
    Nava LF
    Byrd CF
    Beckett SP

    I love the fact that the manager put Gonzalez back in the OF and Salty back behind the plate. Both moves that make sense, but I didn't think he would go that way. The Red Sox line up, for a multitude of reasons, has been a guessing game everyday. That makes for some good entertainment.

  3. Rickey Henders...cough, cough...I mean Mike Aviles is making his bid to be the greatest leadoff hitter of all time. He led of the game with a home run for the second day in a row and he just missed leading off the game on Friday night with a double off the wall that missed being a homer by about 4 feet. Aviles just got an rbi single in his second AB to give the Sox a 2-0 lead in the top of the 2nd.

  4. Salty with an absolute 3-run BOMB to CF. 5-0 Sox.

  5. Phillies kill their 4th inning rally by smoking liners to our defensive stalwarts, 1B David Ortiz and RF Adrian Gonzalez.

  6. Big win today over Phils, as Josh Beckett outpitches Cliff Lee. A series win over Philadelphia after splitting two in Tampa Bay. Now onto Baltimore to try to gain some ground on the first place O's.

  7. Really good win today. Two solid performances in a row by Beckett and finally the other team was hitting the ball right at people and the balls we hit are finding holes (mostly behind the fences). Things are starting to turn our way, but now we have an important series with Baltimore. Salty is really turning into a ball player. It all seems to have clicked for him after he had that Varitek like block of home during the last home stand. Go Sox!!