Saturday, April 28, 2012

Red Sox-White Sox Sat. 4-28-12

The Red Sox look to extend their winning streak to 6 games with another contest in Windy City, the very windy city for this series.  This is the lineup for Boston vs. Chisox righty Jake Peavey.

Aviles, SS
Sweeney, RF
Pedroia, 2B
Gonzalez. 1B
Ortiz, DH
Youkilis, 3B
Saltalamacchia, C
Ross, LF
Byrd, CF
Lester, P

Jon Lester is looking to get back on track after two sub par performances.  Lester is a very key component to the 2012 Sox success, it will be interesting to watch his outing tonight.  The Sox batters will be challenged by the former NL Cy Young winner and hurler of a recent complete game shutout, Peavey.
Hopefully they will respond as they did vs. Perfect Game Phil Humber.

In pitching news, Dice K had a strong rehab outing for the Sea Dogs today at Hadlock Field.  And the latest buzz on Aaron Cook, and his looming May 1st opt out date, is the Sox are strongly discussed recalling him and placing him in the bullpen and leaving Bard in the rotation.  Who is likely to go to make room?  Atchison, Albers,  or maybe option Tazawa ( although he has been effective and should stay around).

No live chat tonight, feel free to leave any comments on tonight's game, Dice K, Cook or any other thoughts right here.


  1. 4.2 innings one run and 7 stikeouts for Dice K. That's a pretty an improvement over his first rehab start. Which is all we can ask for at this point. I'm all for calling Cook up and putting him in the bullpen if it means we don't lose him. With the Yankees starting pitching struggling I wouldn't want to see him end up in their rotation or the Blue Jays and Orioles for that matter.

    Lester needs to start getting some easy ground outs and be more efficient with his pitches.

    Go Sox!!

  2. Great performance by Jake Peavy tonight. I feel like the Sox were lucky to get one run off of him. Lester was impressive, despite throwing 30 pitches in the first inning, he pitched 7 shutout innings. Morales and Padilla combined to shutout the ChiSox in the bottom of the 8th and right now we are going to the bottom of the 9th with Aceves coming in to hold a 1-0 lead. Buckle up it's gonna be interesting...

  3. Fettuccine got heeeem! Great work by Acevez tonight.

  4. Aceves' best appearance of the year. He looked unhittable tonight and his location was better. 1-0 win and the streak is still alive at 6 strong. They'll go for their second straight series sweep tomorrow with Beckett on the mound.

    1. and I almost forgot, tonight's win gets us back to .500

  5. Pitching as you would map it out, 7 strong (shutout) innings from the starter and then a combo of Morales,Padilla, and 1-2-3 njnth from the closer/Back to .500 17 days sooner than last year.

  6. Padilla and Aceves both looked really sharp. Padilla was throwing 95 with nasty movement. Aceves' was throwing as hard as he has been (95-97) but his location was better tonight. Lots to be encouraged about!

    1. I was following the game on J-Rod's phone in a big tent set up outside the prom venue last night, as we were both supposed to be chaperoning. We saw that Fettuccine had a 1-2-3 ninth inning, but obviously couldn't see how he was doing it. Love to hear his command was in top form. If he can continue to spot his pitches and has cleaned up his mechanics, he should continue to have those kind of results.

    2. He threw a couple nasty changeups too. The last one was 82 mph to get the strikeout that ended the game. That's a big drop off from 98 (which he hit twice on the gun). Nasty stuff!!

  7. A couple of takeaways from last night's game before moving on to this afternoon's game.

    1. Adrain Gonzalez is starting to heat up and it's not a moment too soon. He's an rbi machine and he's coming up big with men in scoring position. That's what this team needs from him the most.

    2. The bullpen seems to be rounding into form. I saw a postgame interview with Salty on Nesn last night and he was talking about the bullpen and how it is getting easier for these guys to perform because now they know when they are going to be in the game. In other words the roles are more defined and players are starting to settle into those roles.

    3. The key to this team is the Starting Pitching, period. When the starter goes 7 quality innings or more everything else falls into place (no big secret here SP is obviously key to every baseball team).

    4. Is anyone else tired of Jon Lester whining about the home plate umpire? In my opinion most of the time the pitches that he wants are close but not strikes. It's like he wants "to get" those pitches because of who he is. Then he lets that effect the way that he is pitching. Pete Abraham made a point about this during the broadcast last night and I agree with him. He needs to go right after hitters without nibbling and if he doesn't get a close call he needs to get over it and move on. He's a professional. I'd like to see one of the following people sit him down and talk to him about this: Bobby V, Bob McClure, Salty, Beckett or Cherington. Unfortunately I don't think the pitchers have had a coach who will tell them how it is since Farrell left.

    6. After today's game the next 9 are with Oakland, Baltimore and Kansas City. The Sox need to continue beating up on weaker teams and take advantage of this stretch. Looking ahead even further on the Schedule the Sox have a 4 game series at home against Detroit at the end of May. It will be a nice test to see how much we've improved since that first series.

  8. The Tiger series is actually the end of a 7 game home stand, which has 3 with Tampa and then the Tigers. They also have 2 in Tampa in mid-May. Hopefully the Sox stay on track and these games will all be a good test as Barry stated.

  9. I agree with your sentiments on Lester and his whining Barry. I have felt this since the tail end of last season. If he was truly living up to his "ace" billing then he might get those calls. Stop bitching and consistently get guys out with your stuff! And stop having 25+ pitch innings.

    1. Someone needs to get close to Lester and tell him that exact thing with a few curse words added for affect. Is McClure capable of doing that? I don't know yet. What do the rest of you think?