Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Red Sox roster picks

This was going to be the post where I predicted the whole 25 man opening day roster, but we would all have the same 21-23 guys so let's boil it down to the last two spots.  So according to Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe the Red Sox roster has come down to 6 players for two spots.  The players are:

Dan Butler
Pedro Ciriaco
Nate Spears
Jason Repko
Justin Thomas
Scott Atchison

DL bound:
*It doesn't sound like Beckett is going on the DL

Let's duke it out in the comments section to see who we think will fill out the roster.

Here is my take...
Butler- No way
Ciriaco- He's in
Spears- loses by a nose to Pedro
Repko- Rep-No
Thomas-Almost but not quite
Atchison- believe it or not he's back on the team ( I can't believe I just wrote that)



  1. I will not stop vomiting for a month if I have to watch Scott Atchison pitch for the Red Sox again this year. When he pitches it looks like they plucked a guy out of the right field bleachers mid-way through his fifth beer. Give me Justin Thomas as another lefty in the 'pen and give be Caramba! Ciriaco.

    1. I totally agree. I believe it was me who once said "if Atchison is on the team we might as well be a triple A team" and that was two years ago. Fast Forward and now I've got him on the roster...again. It speaks more to who is not there then who is. Maybe they will keep Thomas and Atchison. I hope they keep Caramba! I think his speed can really be an asset in the late innings.

  2. I hate to have too much agreement here, but I will also go with Ciriaco and Justin Thomas. If Tito was still here Atchison would be a lock, probably not even battling for last temporary spot due to Bailey's injury. All spring Bobby V's been talking up Thomas and they could us another lefty in the pen. If he starts out well, Thomas could push Albers or Bowden for a permanent spot.

  3. And as far as Ciriaco, he brings the exact qualities you need on the bench, versatility and speed. He could pinch run for Papi or Youk or the catcher late in a game and steal us a game.

    1. The moment I heard Bobby V quoted as saying "I don't have a spot for him on the team" when talking about Ciriaco, I believed he was going to make the team.

  4. By the way, who had April 3 in the pool for when Andrew "I'm made of tissue paper" Bailey was going to get hurt?

  5. Both Barry and Art mentioned in their 12 Reasons posts that they believe the bullpen can be a strength this season. I'm going to go the other way and say the bullpen will be terrible and cost us 4-5 games, which could be the difference in the AL East between going to the playoffs and going home in October. I may write this up in a new post soon.

    1. The bullpen will be a strength and I also said that it would be stronger at the end of the season then at the beginning. Obviously the Bailey injury makes a huge difference, but I stand by the statement. I look for Padilla/Aceves to step up and fill the closer role. With Melancon being a strong set up man. The other guys are going to have to figure out their roles as they go.

      I liked Brandon's prediction that Aceves would lead the team in saves by a lot. At the end of the year maybe we will look back at these last two days, when Aceves didn't make the rotation and the Bailey injury, as a blessing that allowed Aceves to become the closer. Then when Bailey comes back at the end of the year and Bard goes back to the pen at the end of the year. We will have a shut down bullpen in time for the playoffs.

  6. Since I'm talking end of year pitching staff, here is the playoff pitching rotation (tongue in cheek)
    1. Lester 2. Buchholz 3. Beckett 4. Dice K

    Key bullpen guys starting with the closer and working my way back: Aceves, Bard, Melancon, Bailey, Morales, Hill

    Too Soon????

  7. According to Sean McAdam's Twitter feed: Repko, Spears, and Ciriaco were not on the team flight to Detroit, leading him to believe that a 13th pitcher was taken.

    1. Excellent info...and welcome aboard Jason. Looks like Atchison weaseled his way onto the team again!!!

      I wonder what this will do to the 40 man roster?