Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Red Sox All-Time Brothers team

This is a product of trouble unwinding after a first Sox win of the year.  In honor of the the three "brothers" contributing here on this site with me, here is a team made up entirely of past and present Red Sox  players, who also had brothers play in the bigs.  This is off the top of my head, so I may have missed some, but this team includes some of the biggest Sox names of all time, some not so greats, and brothers of greats.

C Rick Ferrell  ( Wes)

1B Adrian Gonzalez ( Edgar)

2B Denny Doyle (Brian)

SS Julio Lugo (Ruddy)

3B Glenn Hoffmann ( Trevor)

OF JD Drew (Stephen, Tim)

OF Dom DiMaggio (Joe, Vince)

OF Tony Conigliaro ( Billy)

DH Jose Canseco (Ozzie)

P Pedro Martinez ( Ramon)

P Wes Ferrell ( Rick)

P Ken Brett ( George)

P Mike Maddux (Greg)

P Ramon Martinez (Pedro)


Jeremi Giambi (Jason)

Alex Cora (Joey)

Eric Patterson (Corey)

Billy Conigliaro ( Tony)

I couldn't get a closer, Maddux will have to do, and a second catcher.  But not a bad team.


  1. Any team that has Pedro in his prime on it is a good team. I've been racking my brain all day for a closer and a better SS, but I can't think of any. Did Jackie Gutierrez have a brother that played in the big leauges? If so I'd take him over Lugo...I'd take anyone over Lugo.

  2. Didn't Marty Barrett have a brother named Tommy?

  3. Barry, good call Tommy Barrett played briefly for the Phils and for Boston. let's put M.Barrett at second and move Denny Doyle to the bench...neither Doyle or Barrett are shortstops so for now Lugo stays. Unless you move Hoffman to SS, and put maybe Cora at third. But despite the Boston years, Lugo was a way better player than Cora.