Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poll Results 4/11/12

The second Red Sox Maineiacs poll has come to an end with 19 participants casting their votes.  To the surprise of no one who has been watching the telecasts, NESN’s new hire Jenny Dell ran away with the poll and the hearts of RSM’s readers with 7 votes.  You could say she absquatulated with our hearts.  Vicente Padilla came in second with 4 votes, Aaron Cook and Ryan Kalish tied for third with 3 votes apiece, and Jose Iglesias came in fifth with only 2 votes.  Here are some conclusions we can draw from the results.

1.  There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of faith amongst our readers that young Jose Iglesias can help the team this year.  Or perhaps that he will ever be able to help this team.  It would sure be nice to have him as a vacuum on the left side of the infield, but is it worth having an automatic out at the bottom of your lineup?  He is off to a 1 for 14 start with one single at Pawtucket this season, essentially validating every negative aspect of his game.

2.  Interesting that the readers have faith that Ryan Kalish will make an impact on the team this year, even though he starts the season on the 60 day DL and may not be back until the last month or two.  I wonder – did Kalish voters not realize the extent of his injury, or do they have that little faith in the likes of Cook, Padilla, and Iglesias?

3.  Aaron Cook and Vicente Padilla finished within one vote of each other.  Both have started the year off well, although only Padilla is on the big league roster.  Padilla finished second in the poll, which may have been influenced by his one quality outing (or perhaps my Bullpen Breakdown column!  Yes?  Anyone?).  Cook finishing in a tie for third is interesting since he couldn’t crack the opening day rotation and has to be with the big league team by May 1 or he can opt out of his contract, meaning he may very well have no impact on the Sox’s 2012 season at all.  Or, he may replace Beckett in the starting rotation by the end of the week when Beckett goes on the DL with a case of thumbuphisassitis.

4.  Jenny Dell.  Say it with me again.  Jenny.  Dell.  She seems to be a hit with Red Sox Nation.  She has big…upside and a great set of…interviewing skills.  If you judge “impact” in the question by the amount of Red Sox fans that sit up straight on their couches when she’s on the screen and hit up Google image searches between innings, then I will have to agree that Dell was the right winner for this poll.  Good luck Jenny.  You’re already off to a better start than those bums you interview before and after the games.

Check back for a new poll coming soon!


  1. I have also noticed Jenny's um, interviewing skills. But I have not relayed this observation to my wife :)

    1. She's so good at it...I would definitely let her interview me!