Friday, April 27, 2012

Poll Results 4-27-12

The third Red Sox Maineiacs poll has come to a close with 13 votes over the past week.  This was the closest poll of the season, with five answers within two votes of each other.  The poll asked readers what they thought the biggest reason for Boston’s slow start was.  An underperforming bullpen won the poll with four votes.  An inconsistent offense came in second with three votes.  A tough schedule, inconsistent starting pitching, and our manager Bobby Valentine tied for third with two votes apiece.  Nobody voted that critical injuries were the biggest reason for the slow start.  For complete thoughts on the poll from Barry and Brandon, check out the Red Sox Maineiacs Podcast #1 using the “Podcasts” tab at the top of the blog.  Here are some conclusions from the poll results:

- Bobby V led the poll early in the week when he was being booed lustily every trip out of his home dugout at the Fens.  After a four game winning streak, suddenly nobody is talking negatively about Bobby V anymore.  He made an extremely unusual managing decision Monday night when he visited the mound with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning after Trevor Plouffe almost took Fettuccine deep for a two-run walk-off dinger.  Bobby V cracked wise, a couple players chuckled, Aceves nailed down the save, and everyone went home happy.  If Aceves had blown the save there, Bobby V probably would have been vilified for disrupting his rhythm.

- I would guess that if the poll started today that nobody would be voting for an inconsistent offense.  The Sox have scored 34 runs during their four game winning streak (a robust 8.5 runs/game for you math majors), and in all but one of those games, they have put runs on the board in the first inning.  Aviles, Sweeney, and Salty Dog are all tearing the cover off the ball right now.

- Those who voted for the tough schedule must be feeling validated.  The Sox started the season by playing all four 2011 AL playoff teams, plus the up-and-coming Blue Jays to the tune of 3-10.  Since they have started playing some of the weak sisters of the AL Central, they’re 4-0.  Maybe it was just the schedule…

- The starting pitching received two votes, but hasn’t really received much criticism from Sox Nation at large.  Clay Buchholz seems to be out of sorts.  He is not throwing his changeup, he is not keeping the ball down in the zone, and he is getting pounded.  We need him to get right.  Jon Lester was underwhelming against the Twins and Jason Marquis on Monday night.  He continues to show that he wants no part of an “Ace” label.  Beckett has been Beckett since his first fiasco in Detroit.  Doubie and Bard have shown the potential to be two of the best 4/5 starters in the AL.

- Lastly, the bullpen; the winner of this week’s poll and the source of a 1,300-word post from me earlier today.  There is still a lot of work to do out in the pen.  Help is on the way.  There are 3-4 guys in Pawtucket that can and will most likely be contributors out there right away.  Junichi Tazawa has been very good so far.  We are hopefully on the brink of never seeing Justin Thomas again.  Things might be looking better.  Then again, it would be hard for things to look any worse.

- This was the first poll of the season that Jenny Dell would not have won had she been a choice.

Feel free to discuss any of these conclusions or the poll in general in the comments section below.  Look for a new Red Sox Maineiacs Poll out today!


  1. Even though I voted for the tough schedule, it is surprising the only option not to get any votes was the one discussed nearly the most, critical injuries. The absence of Bailey, Jacoby, Carl Crawford, Rich Hill, and to some degree Dice K has impacted different aspects of the team. Perhaps the voters do feel this team can overcome all of the injuries.

    1. I view it as a good thing because maybe the fans and the team won't use injuries as an excuse. I voted for Bobby V, mostly out of spite, but if I had voted with my head I would have picked the injuries, but like I said before in a funny way I'm glad that no one voted for the injuries.