Thursday, April 19, 2012

Poll Results 4-19-12

The third Red Sox Maineiacs poll of the season has come to a close.  Thanks to the 12 people who voted this week on who they think will win the most games on the Red Sox pitching staff, other than Jon Lester.  Clay Buchholz won the poll going away with 5 votes, Beckett, Doubront, and Bard all tied with 2 votes, and Dice-K picked up one vote as well.  Here are some takeaways from the poll:

1.  Now I’m not so sure that the question is even valid.  The way we worded the question makes it seem as if it is a foregone conclusion that Jon Lester will have the most wins on the pitching staff.  So far, he has yet to record any victories and the way he pitched against Texas Tuesday night makes me wonder if he might finish second or third on this team in W’s.

2.  There is a lot of confidence in Clay Bucks.  He had more than double the votes of any other pitcher.  I figured the poll would probably come down to Beckett or Buchholz, but I was surprised to see the 5-2 total, especially with Buchholz off to a pedestrian start.  I wonder if anybody would change their mind this morning after Beckett’s second straight solid outing last night?

3.  Doubront and Bard both got the same amount of love as Beckett, which I found interesting.  You have to think that Bard especially might be shut down as a starter at some point this season if he reaches 160 innings or so, or even once Dice-K returns and they want Bard to bolster the bullpen.  I would think Bard would have the longest shot to lead the staff in wins of anyone currently in the five-man rotation.  I think all of Red Sox Nation agrees we have liked what we’ve seen thus far in young Doubie.  He has a chance to be a solid second lefty in the rotation for years to come.

4.  Beckett receiving only two votes is probably an over-reaction to his first start or the residual bitterness of being one of the poster boys of the fried chicken and beer escapades.  He has certainly shown that he still has the stuff to be the staff leader in wins come the end of the season, Lester included.

5.  Dice-K getting a vote is interesting.  The person who voted for him must either think he is going to be lights-out from June or July on, or has no confidence whatsoever in the other four guys to top the poll.

6.  Aaron Cook continues to get no love in either poll he has been included in.  Not that I can think of a reason why he should be getting love in these polls, but still.

7.  If Jenny Dell had been the sixth choice instead of Cook, she probably would have won her second straight poll.

That’s it for our third weekly poll of the 2012 season.  Feel free to comment on my takeaways in the Comments section below, and check back soon for a new Red Sox Maineiacs Poll!


  1. If Jon Lester would have been included in the poll question when it was posted he would have won in a landslide. I'm not sure anyone else would have even gotten votes. After the last two games that outlook has certainly changed. At the time the question was posted it was valid. I think most Sox fans would agree that Lester is most likely to lead the team in wins.

  2. Rich Hill and Andrew Miller appear to be getting closer to returning to the bullpen. If all goes well Andrew Miller is expected to have one more rehab outing at Pawtucket and then get called up possibly as early as this weekend, most likely on Saturday. Hill was just moved up to Pawtucket as a part of his rehab. He must be getting close to returning as well maybe within a week or so.

  3. It's now clear that the whole entire team/organization is flawed.