Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Manager for my fantasy "crazy" team

Written by Brandon in the comments section of Brandon's 10 predictions for 2012:

Can we start an alternate fantasy league where the categories are:

birds flipped
brawls started
catchers' signs ignored
sitting alone on the end of the bench scaring the living bejesus out of everyone

and maybe add...

Gatorade buckets tipped over/crushed with a bat
objects thrown onto the field
angry crotch-grabbing gestures
and f-bombs caught on live television

The top three picks in some order have to be Padilla, Aceves, and Carlos Zambrano...who else is taken in the first round?

If anyone can control a clubhouse with Aceves, Padilla and Zambrano it's this guy...


  1. Why didn't Cherington interview this guy???

  2. One of the best baseball videos ever. By the way, if Milton Bradley were still playing he would be the MVP of this league.