Friday, April 6, 2012

Long Off Day

The day off after opening day is always the longest off day of the year.  We just get started and we are raring to go and then we have to wait 48 hours for another game.  Totally lame.  Plus, it's even longer after a tough loss like yesterday.  Despite the tough loss on opening day there is plenty to be optimistic about heading into Saturday's game.  I'll divide them into 4 categories: home runs, triples, doubles and singles. Home runs being the top performers and singles being the biggest disappointments.

Home Runs:
Jon Lester- he was outstanding yesterday, this may be the year that he wins 20
Late inning rally- the team showed a little bit of the '03-'04 spunk with that comeback in the 9th off of a closer who was perfect in save opportunities in '11.

Ryan Sweeney- Had two big hits and showed a little pop.  Hopefully he'll make us forget Andrew Bailey.  For a guy who is known for his D he looked awfully bad on the Jackson triple (only real blemish on the day for him though).
Dustin Pedroia- Outstanding at bat to start off the 9th.  He looks to be determined to get the team back to the playoffs hopefully everyone else gets tickets to the Laser Show

Bobby V- I thought he did a solid job of managing the team yesterday, but it was fairly easy game to manage thanks to the SPs.  He made the right moves in the 8th and 9th they just didn't pay off.
Cody Ross- Hit the ball hard a few times and he seems to have fit into the clubhouse very well.  Just wish he caught that ball that Avila hit in the 7th.  He's going to be a classic Boston Dirt Dog player and fan favorite.

The bullpen- Not a good start.  Morales was the only one who got his job done.  Even if Aceves does get the job done as closer there is a big hole in the set up spots.  I know I'm flip flopping already, but this is based on just yesterday's game. I still think they will be a strength eventually.
Youk- His bat looks slow and to me he just doesn't have a good look about him.  He may be a candidate for a slow start this year with a 2nd half surge.

Let me know who you felt performed well and not so well in the comments section.


  1. I will give it a whirl, Barry in your format


    I think the ninth inning rally off Valverde was the most impressive. It came off a "perfect" closer in 2011, and it came with the part of the order that should do it for us.

    Jon Lester- He pitched a great game, and the good news is I think he can do better, lots of full counts, without those he can go into the 8th or 9th.

    Triples- Ryan Sweeney offensively, he came into the league as a big time prospect and has never hit. Can new team and half the games at Fenway
    change this and give us a real find??

    Dustin P.--ignited the ninth inning, and helped turn the multiple double plays


    Big Papi-smoked the only extra base hit off Verlander, if Ortiz has another 25-100-.285 season in him it will make the job ahead much easier.

    Booby V- I'll go along with Barry's choice, but I do think he made a key blunder. Although, he was kinda forced into it by the 2 bloops off Melancon. Bringing in any closer with runners on is not optimal, and the one drawback the Aceves' great 2011, was a high % of inherited runners allowed to score. It's Opening Day, let's see what Melcancon has let him get out of the 9th if can on his own.


    The Bullpen-although ironically if the side had gone down meekly in the top of the ninth, this would not have happened.

    Lack of HR pop- I know it's Verlander and a pitcher's park and cool April air, but with this lineup, let's smack at least one outta here.

  2. Hey, Booby V was a typo , but now that I see it in print it's a nickname that might stick.

    1. Good argument for keeping Melancon in there to work out of the jam in the 9th. On the road you typically save your closer for when you get the lead too. If the manager keeps on making mistakes like that some will be calling him Booby V before long.

      If the line drive that Ross hit right at Peralta in the top of the 9th had gotten through and Sweeney scored to take the lead then Aceves comes in with no one on and may very well have a 1-2-3 inning (and the Deacon would have predicted the game correctly!!)