Monday, April 23, 2012

Deacon's Trivia--Bitchin' 'bout pitchin' edition

Since the topic of the state of the Sox pitching staff has been debated hotly, here are four new trivia questions all concerning Sox pitching of the past.

1. Who is the only Red Sox position player to take the mound for Boston in two different seasons?

2.  On August 4th of last season, Justin Masterson struck out 4 Sox batters in one inning.  Who was the last Red Sox pitcher to have a 4 strikeout inning?

3.  Who was the last Red Sox pitcher to hurl a complete game,  extra inning shutout?

4.  Who was the last Red Sox rookie pitcher to take a no-hitter into the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium?

Good luck at retiring these questions.


  1. 1. Mike Benjamin
    2. Pedro Martinez
    3. Curt Schilling
    4. Billy Rohr

  2. I'm not sure if you are right about question 1 Barry, but I will now spend a lot of my day thinking about Mike Benjamin's terrible sideburns.

  3. 1. Nick Green
    2. Daisuke Matsuzaka
    3. Pedro Martinez
    4. Rohr

  4. 1. Jeff Frye
    2. Tim Wakefield
    3. Cy Young
    4. Roger Clemens

  5. The right answers are:

    1. Jonathan Van Every in 2009, 2010 vs. the Rays and the Yankees. ( Since this question was published, Darnell MacDonald matched Van Every with his mound sting vs.the Orioles, as Darnell had also pitched last year).

    Time Wakefield in 1999 struck out 4 in an inning as one of his elusive knucklers got away on one of the strike threes.

    3. On August 7, 1988, Bruce Hurst pitched a 3-0 shutout at Detroit to beat the Tigers in 10 innings

    4. Despite Billy Rohr famous Yankee Stadium 1967 debut of 8 2/3 no hit ball, the last Sox rookie to take a no-no into the ninth in New York was Bobby Ojeda on Sept. 12, 1981. Rick Cerone and Dave Winfield hit back to back doubles to start the ninth and end the bid. Mark Clear came on to get the next three outs and save a 2-1 Sox win.