Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Aceves is Awesome

A couple items of note in Gordon Edes' column tonight on

- Sounds like Art may have hit the nail on the head in terms of the reasoning behind 13 pitchers: "Valentine said he not only didn't expect to go with 13 pitchers through the season, he may not go past this road trip, a six-game tour of Detroit and Toronto" so after the early off-days maybe they will swap a pitcher for a utility man.  Don't stop believing Ciriaco!

- Aceves is the best.  Although I'm a little disappointed with his nickname of "Ace".  I would have gone with "Fettuccine" know, Alfredo? Although I would probably then be punched in the face, and it would be embarrassing to be punched by a man named Fettuccine.

- Anywho, here are some gems from the column:    "I'm real excited -- of course I am," he said. "It doesn't look like it, I know. I have a pretty bad face. But I'm [happy] and pretty excited." Gold.

- Then Edes asked Ace if he would need to make an adjustment to become a closer, to which Ace replied "None. None. None."  Then Edes asked if having four pitches would be an advantage, to which Ace replied, "You will see".  Finally, Edes asked what his entrance music from the bullpen would be, to which Ace replied, "You will hear".  A journalist's dream, that Fettuccine is.

- Needless to say, I am very excited for every single column featuring quotes from Aceves this season.

Here is the video from with these quotes and a few more gems from Fettuccine's teammates:


  1. I think we have just scratched the surface of Ace's awesomeness/craziness. I saw a clip of this interview on CSNNE tonight and I thought about writing pretty much the same exact thing that you just posted (minus the fettucine). He is GOLD.

    Here is a quote from a comment I made on an earlier post:

    "At the end of the year maybe we will look back at these last two days, when Aceves didn't make the rotation and the Bailey injury, as a blessing that allowed Aceves to become the closer."

    I really feel like Ace is going to take this role and run with it a la Tom "Flash" Gordon.

  2. The most awkward part of the video clip is when Mark Melancon was asked how he thought Aceves would do as closer. He did not looked to pleased to be asked that question and his answer was not very convincing.