Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 predictions

It is April 1st, time to wheel out the annual MLB predictions( note today's date it is cover in case these crash and burn by October).  Enjoy!

American League 


1. Boston- Atonement for the sins of September past
2. * Tampa Bay- More Joe Maddon theme trips than run production
3.New York- But each Yankee fan will receive a gift basket from Derek Jeter
4. Toronto- 13th annual "the Jays are better and will contend" tour--they aren't and won't
5. Baltimore- Even if the Duke manages to trade again for Pedro V3.0


1. Detroit- First as everyone expects, but ...
2. Cleveland-...just ahead of the young Tribe by a nose
3. Kansas City- Your 2013 AL Central champs
4. Minnesota- Mauer and Morneau will be healthy, rest of team makes fans sick
5. Chicago- Holy last place, Batman


1. Los Angeles-  Pitching not Pujlos pushes Halos past Texas.
2. *Texas-Two games shy of Angels, two years shy of Buffalo Bills
3. Seattle- Kiddie Korps coming to help King Felix--in a year of two
4. Oakland-  Last place double feature:  Manny being Moneyball and Yoenis Envy.

Playoffs- Texas thumps punchless Rays in inaugural wild card game, then loses to Tigers in 5 games( losing last inning leads in games 4 and 5)
Boston sweeps the Angels.
ALCS The Sox over Detroit in six games.

AL MVP Adrian Gonzalez

AL CY  Jon Lester ( edging Verlander)

AL ROY  Yoenis Cespedes ( edging Jesus Montero)

AL Manager of Year  Manny Acta

National League


1. Washington- Disproving Olympia Snowe's assertion that DC is broken and nothing works there.
2.* Philadelphia- Aging broken lineup says hello to aging pitching staff
3. Atlanta-  Bobby Cox is not walking through that door.
4. Miami- New name, new home, new manager, new size of payroll--same results
5. New York-  Another ponzi scheme.


1. Cincinnati- Votto and beefed up rotation lead the new Big Red Machine
2.* Milwaukee- Braun and strong pitching cover Prince's exit.
3. Pittsburgh- Finally they finish over .500
4. St. Louis- They should have hired Tito
5. Chicago- Even though they hired Theo
6. Houston- They could finish as high as third---in the Pacific Coast League.


1. San Francisco- Best pitching in NL, Posey and just enough other offense
2. Los Angeles- Kemp, Kershaw, and waiting on Magic's money
3. Arizona- I don't believe what I just saw ( in 2011)
4. Colorado- Tulo, CarGo, and ....Scutaro??
5. San Diego- Curse of Anthony Rizzo

Playoffs : Three jumbled divsions lead to 6 or 7 teams alive for wild card until last days of season.  Flawed Phils capture second WC spot and lose to Milwaukee.  Reds with NL best record host their division foes in NLDS ( another new wrinkle of the new format) and best the Brew Crew in 5, while SF sweeps the Nats ( maybe Olympia was right).

NLCS The Reds paced by Latos and Chapman and Votto outpitch and outslug the Giants in 6.

NL MVP: Joey Votto unanimously

NL CY Madison Bumgarner

NL ROY Bryce Harper

NL Manager of Year Davey Johnson


Red Sox beat the Reds in six, when leading off the bottom of the 12th, Ryan Larvarnway hits a ball off the foul pole at Fenway off Bronson Arroyo to win the Series.  WS MVP is Jon Lester with wins in games 1 and 5.

12 more for 21012

1. Adrian Gonzalez challenges for the AL Triple Crown until the last days of the season, leads in HR and RBI but loses in BA to Miguel Cabrera.

2. Several young teams( KC, Cleveland, Seattle, Pitt) make strides forward and will contend in 2013.  Washington paced by mid-May callup Bryce Harper gets there this year.

3. AL paced by ASG MVP Alex Gordon return to winners circle in the mid summer classic.

4. Manny will finish the season after his suspension but the A's deal him at the deadline.

5. First manager fired in season is Brad Mills, despite known rebuilding, new owner and new GM want their own guy.  Millsie joins Tito Francona's staff in in 2013.  Where ???

6. 2012 biggest free agent busts Hideki Kuroda and Jose Reyes ( due to injuries, again)

7. Derek Lowe thrives in return to AL and helps Tribe contend until late September

8. David Wright is traded at deadline or before, and Jason Bay plays just well enough so he too is sent to the AL as a DH

9. Mo Rivera in July announces his retirement at year end, but it is 50/50 if he changes his mind. Petite fails in his return and A Rod and Jeter both spiral down the decline portion of their careers even more rapidly than last year.

10. Justin Morneau plays the entire season without any concussion symptoms

11. No major free agents sign with their current teams in season( Hamels, Cain, etc) awaiting the new Dodger money to flow in the off season.  One or both of Hamels and Cain end up in Magic's arms.

12. Jenny Dell of NESN will make us all forget Heidi....Walters.....Whitney....uh, uh

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